A Neverwinter Nights server set in the Forgotten Realms

Our gameworld is split over two modules: Amia: Island, which is Amia itself, a popular island far west of the Sword Coast and Amia: Abroad, which includes environs both original and familiar, including the inhospitable Ruathym, a wintery Brogendenstein, the hoary reaches of the northern Frozenfar, and the dark underbelly of the Forgotten Realms, the deadly Underdark. You can travel between locations on these servers with boats and portals which creates the illusion of one huge module covering most of the Sea of Swords.

We are a Roleplay Server. Amia's DMs and Designers work diligently to create a module that is rich in story, adventure and action to satisfy all gaming senses equally. We have a lot of unique custom content, for example: ready-to-play subraces, a deity system with special prayer functions and benefits, the popular Mythal Crafting System, and our new Job System!

Amia is not aimed at an exclusively adult audience. We want a moderate and tasteful environment that appeals to a broad range of players. We therefore prohibit public and private cybering as well as excessively graphic torture.

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