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PostPosted: Thu, Sep 15 2016, 4:08 AM 

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Hey everyone,
I was thinking that I don to know which other cities/countries know, trade or have some political relations with any of the cities in Amia.
I mean where is more likely for someone that's foreigns to Amia to hear about it? Being because of merchant ships, alliances, grudges, etc.
I know maybe Waterdeep, NeverWinter and other cities of the Lords alliance? Luskan too, and the ones sorrounding the alamber sea. Any other?
It's to have a better context of the political situation of Amia!

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PostPosted: Thu, Sep 15 2016, 4:29 AM 

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Amn and Thay definitely know of Amia and the surrounding areas.

The Lord's Alliance does as well, given Kohlingen is a member or at least related to them, and they know of Wiltun (though they regard Ruathym as the collective rather than individual Jarldoms).

Luskan definitely does.

This is for people being aware. But even being aware doesn't mean caring or relations. Like I doubt the average person in the Lord's Alliance will have heard of Amia or a lot of the other places on the server.

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PostPosted: Thu, Sep 15 2016, 8:08 AM 


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Gonna give you some answers here. Definitely missed a lot of stuff so shoot more questions if there is any:

Wiltun is part of Greater Ruathym and as such have the typical Ruathym issues, but the Jarldom is not necessarily typical in Ruathym standards.

Kohlingen is a member of the Lords' Alliance thus the good relations with Waterdeep and other LA cities.

Cordor is non-aligned politically...more or less.

Luskan, the Lords' Alliance and Ruathym are in a state of cold war since an old peace treaty. Since then Luskan still sends out raiders but in the form of privateers. The Northment in Ruathym are like Viking raiders, they raid just as much because they generally do not have enough. The Lords' Alliance's best interest to keep them at bay though and they intervene on occasion.

The Whalebones are pirate lands and they allied themselves with Luskan and Ruathym during the Captain's Alliance. However, they are now just pirate lands.

Forstakkr, founded by former Northmen raiders who were once settled in Brogendenstein has a history with the dwarves of Brogendenstein. Saying that they were removed from the dwarven lands by force. So they banned them and only allow the trusted dwarves there.

The dwarves have connections with certain mainland enclaves, especially with the Mithral Hall

Some have connections with Lantan although Lantan has no real interest to deal with Amia.

The elves have connection with Evermeet and with Evereska too but mostly through the locals who came from there. They tend to dislike the northmen and other pirate lands due to the attacks that were supported by Umberlee first. Then those who tried to attack along with Nimesin. Also the Elders are coming from Evermeet and certain noble houses are/were present from Evermeet too.

The Moonshaes know about Amia, and the Ffolk side of the Moonshaes despise the Northmen situation. They trade with Amia in general, but not so much with Ruathym because they are Northmen too. The Northmen side of the Moonshaes like to trade with Ruathym though. The Northern part of the islands, that is not under the rule of the Kendricks, like the Korinn Archipelago is also full with independent pirate strongholds.

As for Khem...the once existing Mulan settlement, Djedet used to be a province of Mulhorand. Now that is gone since the problem with Anubis/Seth, so it isn't a province anymore. The re-connection with the Alamber sea and the resettling the Khalem valley is yet to be seen.

Amn knows about Amia due to the war. But the zeitgeist cleared that part up in the mind of the population. So I am unsure who knows what about Amia.

Calimshan also knows about Amia, since the Black Caravan.

The areas that are not connection with the Trackless Sea and the Sea of Swords do not really care about Amia that much even if they know about the place. It is simply not relevant for them.

The old City of Shade knew about Amia and it was closely tied with Tarkuul for reasons. But the newly appeared City of Shade may or may not know about Amia. They definitely know about Shadowscape though. But that place is on the shadow-side of the Dalelands.

As for the Underdark part of the world. L'Obsul is likely known for some other UD cities as it is on edge of the mainland side of the Underdark and it extends from the upper to the lowerdark. It has trade relations with other cities in the Middledark and also had trade relations with the Underport, while it existed.
Nec'Perya was an atypical drow city in the a spot which was and still is the most dangerous part of Toril and drow rarely or never go there tbh to build cities. The planes are overlapping the Prime there and as such, that makes the place even worse.

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PostPosted: Thu, Sep 15 2016, 9:14 AM 

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IC lore suggests Unther had or has interests in Khem as well. AFAIK, it is too far south of Thay for them to bother with unless they wanted to strike at Mulhorand directly. Ultimately, it is still classified as a part of Mulhorand, though they think it is a backwater.

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PostPosted: Fri, Sep 16 2016, 6:05 AM 

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Unther, Chessenta, Thay, and Mulhorand all claim to own Khem at one point or another, but few actually bother to pres the issue, especially in the ake of it being a wastelad. There's little benefit in a desert island at the moment, and people have better things to do.

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