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PostPosted: Sun, Oct 09 2016, 1:04 AM 

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Posting this as filler for later contributions, since it seemed like a cool idea.

Folk playing RDDs, Planetouched, or half dragons that want to compile the named origin of their blood into this wonderful community bestiary? Feel free! The goal of this is to make such creatures more readily available to potentially be used again by others, and therefore expand the possibility for potential RP that spawns from that.

It could also be DM plot fodder if it's desired -- in which case, I'd add a marker to it indicating that's the case!

Same goes for made up pact entities for the new Warlock update that launched (since theoretically even non-named Pit Fiends, Balors, and any number of Hags and Yugoloths are strong enough to administer pacts) :D

I'll use the bit of time that I may or may not have anything better to do to cook some up, and put out an entry on the baby daddy in Stormy's family <,<

Anyone who may want theirs posted but not want to post it themselves for FOIG reasons is free to send me a PM with the info! I'll fill it to a template I'm throwin' together.

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