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PostPosted: Sun, Apr 23 2017, 22:24 PM 


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Out of Game Harassment and Harassment Through Unofficial ChannelsThe staff reserves the right to ban players who harass others players using third party platforms, channels and mediums such as Skype, Discord, E-mail, unofficial but Amia related forums etc. Third party harassment also includes the direct or indirect bullying of members of this gaming community through the aforementioned mediums.

Please remember that this is a gaming community and first and foremost this is a game that you play. By doing that you are generating OOC toxicity in the gaming community which will have negative influence on the gaming experience of your fellow players.

If you are filing a complaint of harassment on a third party medium, in order for the DM Team to best understand and assess the situation, (if possible) please provide and do the following steps:

  • Provide proof via screenshots, not copied text and make sure that the full conversation is included. Bits of a conversation will not provide a full context for us that we can judge.
  • If the harassment/bullying goes directly to you in a private channel, then tell the person in question, clearly, that you no longer wish to continue the conversation, and block them if necessary.
  • Understand that not all complaints of harassment will automatically lead to an IG and/or Forum ban of the accused party. If it does not, the team will make clear the reasoning behind their decision.

    Even if you are unable to provide everything on the list the DM Team still encourages you to come to them with any concerns you may have.

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