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Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Fri, Feb 25 2011, 18:50 PM ]
Post subject:  Amia Chat

An IRC channel exists for the purposes of chatting. Note that this is for OOC purposes, and for general chatter. If an issue needs to be solved by one of the DMs, it is better to contact via a private message.

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Fri, Feb 25 2011, 18:51 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Varia: AMIA CHAT

The current link for webchat is here!

Simply enter your nickname at "Nickname" and #amia at "Channels" and select Connect to chat.

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Fri, Feb 25 2011, 18:52 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Varia: AMIA CHAT

Connecting to #Amia via Chatzilla:

Download Chatzilla (addon for Firefox)
With chatzilla open, type the following:
/join #Amia

Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Fri, Feb 25 2011, 18:53 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Varia: AMIA CHAT

Additional commands (via hadeismetirion):
    join channel: /join <channel>
    quit channel: /quit
    quit channel with reason: /quit <text>
    leave channel: /part <channel>
    force disconnect: /disconnect
    close mirc: /exit
    beep: /beep <number>

    change nick: /nick <new>
    emotion: /me <text>
    send private message: /msg <nick> <text>
    set away: /away <text>
    turn off away: /away
    show information: /whois <nick>
    invite person: /invite <nick> <channel>
    msg to all open channels: /amsg <text>
    send emotion to nick/channel: /describe <nick> <text>

    register nickname: /nickserv register <password> <email> The register command allows you to register a nickname with nickserv, and have nickserv protect it from use by others.
    identify nickname: /nickserv identify <nick> <password> If nickserv prompts you for a password belonging to the nickname you're using you must reply using this command.
    recover nickname: /nickserv recover <nick> <password> The recover command allows you to reclaim your nickname if someone is using it.
    ghost a nickname: /nickserv ghost <nick> <password> Remove nick from channel if it remains after getting disconnected.
    release nickname: /nickserv release <nick> <password> If someone tries to use your nickname and the enforcer option is on the nickname will be taken within 60 seconds and can nolonger be used, with the release command you can regain use of your nickname.
    drop a nickname: /nickserv drop <nick> This will unregister the nickname, which will be comfirmed by email.
    send password to email: /nickserv sendpass <nick> <email> The sendpass command will allow a user to request that his or her nickname password be sent to the email address on file for that nickname.
    determine access level: /nickserv acc <nick> 0: Nickname not registered or not currently online, 1: User has not identified with a password and does not match an access mask entry, 2: User has not identified with a password, but matches an access list entry, 3: User has identified using the nickname password.
    set nickname access: /nickserv access <add> <user> Nickserv has a list with addresses that can use a nickname without indentifying. Addresses in the access list can use the nickname without needing a password.
    Request info on nickname: /nickserv info <nick> Using the info command will give you additional information about a nickname if that is registered.

    set email address to nickname: /nickserv set email <password> <email> By providing an email address for your nickname, IRC Operators can handle password requests much faster and easier.
    turn enforcer mode on/off: /nickserv set enforce <on> This setting allows you to prevent unauthorized users from using your nickname.
    email block: /nickserv set mailblock <on> Turning this feature on will prevent anyone from using the sendpass command on your nickname, this will be confirmed by email.
    memo block: /nickserv set nomemo <on> This will block all incoming memo's.
    change nickname password: /nickserv set passwd <old> <new> This will allow you to change your nickname password without indentifying first.
    hide/show email address: /nickserv set showemail <on> This option allows the user to choose whether or not regular IRC users gets to see their email address set during registration or via nickserv set email.
    add url to nickname: /nickserv set url <url> You can use this command to append a URL to your nickname. Do use full formatting:

    list memo's: /memoserv list <start> This command will display the first twenty memos in your memo box. If you wish to display memos past your first twenty, specify a starting point.
    send memo's: /memoserv send <nickname> <message> Using the send command, you can send a memo to another user, or to a registered channel.
    send memo's to sop's: /memoserv sendsop <channel> <message> This will send a memo to all the sop's of a channel including the channel founder.
    read memo's: /memoserv read <memo> Use the read command to display memo's sent to you.
    delete one or all memo's: /memoserv del <memo> Although this command will not remove them, they will be indicated as deleted.
    un delete one or all memo's: /memoserv undel <memo> Use this command to return memo's marked for deletion to normal.
    purge memo's: /memoserv purge This will remove all memo's marked as deleted from your inbox.
    forward memo's: /memoserv forward <nick> <password> Use the forward command to forward all messages sent a nickname to another nickname. When a user sends a memo, they will see the nickname the memo is being forwarded to. This allows you to receive all your memos on one nickname.
    display latest news: /memoserv news Display the latest breaking services news with this command.

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