Crashing? Potential Fixes
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Author:  MoshingChris [ Tue, Feb 12 2013, 4:54 AM ]
Post subject:  Crashing? Potential Fixes

Someone asked me to make this thread. So I did.

As everyone should be aware, Neverwinter Nights is in gaming terms, nearing venerable age. One downside to this is that it was never intended to run on dual and multicore PC's. This can be an issue which leads to client crashes as the game switches between cores.

Open your nwnplayer.ini (located in your NwN directory) and under Game Options edit or add

Client CPU Affinity:#

The value # needs to be changed to -1 or -2. It should look like this

Client CPU Affinity:-1
Client CPU Affinity:-2

-1 can be used for dual core rigs
-2 can be used for dual or multi core rigs

This should resolve 90 percent of issues relating to constant crashing.

But wait there is more. Because we use HAKS some of our textures and animations are a little heavy for NwN's default memory settings. Another simple fix and whilst you've got your NwNplayer.ini open you can take care of this to.

Open your nwnplayer.ini and under game options add

Max Memory Usage:64

This increases the Maximum Memory Cache that NwN uses from the default 14 to 64 and should make for smoother game play and better on perception loading times. To be honest I tried new Kohl with just the default setting and I. . .don't know how anyone who hasn't made this change can even play there.

For myself and a few others these two steps resolved every issue we've ever had with NwN.

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