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PostPosted: Thu, Sep 21 2017, 7:10 AM 

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The Out Post is once again maintained. This night three paladins gather beneath the twinkling stars of the night sky and converse among one another.

Idle prattle leads to serious conversation as the woes of the isle are yet again brought in to conversation. Discussion of murders most foul and the vile creatures that go bump in the night are had among the three.

As they chatter away by the fire side the kindling and wood crackle son keeping them a warm lit side.

Each of them practicing their crafts and discussing means of aid and how best to help those in need.

As things quiet down in to the wee hours of the morning Matthew tends to burn small incense or small fores with stone bottomed plates. He often minds his trappings and watches the smoke earnestly for odd or peculiar movement of being that could not which be seen passing through.

None the less any undead and Scrags in teh areas are treated with extreme and un relenting scrutiny.

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PostPosted: Wed, Oct 04 2017, 2:52 AM 

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In the early Morning juts before dawn the typical prismatic winged protector was ever present paroling the lands of the Bay slaying undead and surveying the undead and their scourge. He had manny plans for them to do away with them and he was going to have his charge start taking up the mantel as well. .

Now that Crevan and the Captain had their meeting full of Questions Matthew decided to take it upon himself to personally step up Crevan's training and kick it in to gear. He turned the out post in to a make shift boot camp of sorts for the young Paladin.

First and for most a review of the Paladin's Code, And their Faith's Dogma. Ritualistic prayer and worship at Dawn Midday and Dusk were scheduled in to this training as a means of giving praise to their benevolent deity.

Matthew teaches Crevan what he learn in his youth about manners.

Matthew preached about how being a gentleman was being more than a man who dressed in pretty clothing; That it was a way of life. The way you carry your self. The way you treat women, and others. He explained to Crevan that one could be the best dressed man in the room, but with out manners one simply wouldn't be a true gentleman. Some people may think that by being polite is a sign of weakness. Matthew explained that the true measure of a man was by how much he could respect himself, and that to respect one's self you had to respect others. They started by reviewing the simple with the basics: Please, thank you, and excuse me.

Matthew taught that being male was simply a matter of birth, that being a man was a matter of age, but being a gentleman was a matter of choice. He taught that there was always a chance for courtesy and even when refused by an offer Crevan should say things like; "Please let me know if you change your mind; It's no problem. "

Matthew took time to scribe a book for Crevan to refreshes and memorize and take to heart as the path of a Knight was not an easy one by any means. He explain that Crevan's actions would reflect on Matthew and on the entirety of the holy city it's self as a representative.

Strive always to aid, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all humankind and its allies. It is a sacred duty to foster new growth, nurture growing things, and work for rebirth and renewal. Perfect yourself, and be fertile in mind and in body. Wherever you go, plant seeds of hope, new ideas, and plans for a rosy future in the minds of all. Watch each sunrise. Consider the consequences of your actions so that your least effort may bring the greatest and best reward. Avoid negativity, for from death comes life, and there is always another morning to turn a setback into a success. Place more importance in activities that help others than in strict adherence to rules, rituals, and the dictates of your seniors.

Divine Warrior's Code

Devote yourself to life. If there is any way to prevent death and preserve life, it is the way of a paladin.

Judge not others. By Judging others you yourself are judged.

Honor your words and live by them. Your oath is as true as these laws

Help others live a full life, and harm not the harmless

Heal the sick and wounded who ask for assistance. Those whom you have deathlessly defeated remain your responsibility.

Abandon all greed, hatred, and evil feelings towards others. These close the mind to to truth an engender a hatred for life.

Pay homage to life by living freely and allowing others the same

Respect those who would teach you and ask nothing of those you teach.

Respect the laws of mortals, but remember always that your fealty is to the laws of your Faith.

Pledge your life , soul, and words to your faith. Never should you worship another and never should faith falter.

Not Pride, Humility. Not Greed, Generosity. Not Envy, Love. Not Wrath, Kindness. Not Lust, Temperance. Not Gluttony, Moderation. Not Sloth, Zeal. Never Evil always Good.

Bring light to the darkness and you shall always be counted among your faith's Blessed.

Wear the Symbol of your faith with honor love and devotion.

Never Rape Steal or Murder.

Take only what you need, and give what you can .

The undead deserve only their rest. Destroy the with out hesitation.

The Old Code:

A knight is sworn to valor.
His heart knows only virtue.
His blade defends the helpless.
His might upholds the weak.
His word speaks only truth.
His wrath undoes the wicked.

Virtues to live by and exhibit:


To live one's life so that it is worthy of respect and Honor by:
Code of Chivalry:

Fair Play:

Never attack an unarmed foe.
Never charge an unhorsed opponent
Avoid cheating
Avoid torture

Exhibit self discipline
Show respect to authority
Obey the LAW
Administer Justice
Protect the innocent
Respect women

On Valor:
Exhibit courage by the word and deed
Avenge the wringer
Defend the weak and innocent
Fight with honor
Never abandon a friend, ally, or noble cause

On Honor:
Always keep one's word
Always maintain one's principles
Never betray a Confidence or Comrade
Avoid deception
Respect Life.

On Courtesy:
Exhibit manners
Be polite and attentive
Be respectful of host authority and women

On Loyalty:
To your Faith, Sovereignty, Country, and the Code of Chivalry

Once the semantics of Decorum and Deportment were over gone Matthew then subjected Crevan to a series of rigorous training exercises from Push ups to trench digging and all it's necessities and uses he worked. Soon he would have him pace off straw and wood opponents and work on his form... some sword play among st them selves was thus conducted. Yes Crevan's next few days were full of activity. Matthew was notably harder on the boy as they worked. Soon they would approach Dark hold and take her on.

❤ Amia is Fun Again! ❤

"It's easy to feel like a hero. It's a little harder to be one."

PostPosted: Thu, Oct 05 2017, 0:52 AM 

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When Crevan was first brought to the out post by Matthew the young silver-haired Paladin had no idea just what it was that his mentor had in store for him. He assumed that there would be some training, as had been the case pretty much constantly as of late, but the degree to which he was going to be put to the test came as something of a shock. It would have been easy to whine about it but Crevan didn't utter so much of a syllable of complain though to say that such thoughts didn't cross his mind would be less than honest.

He just opted to keep them to himself and maintain his focus.

The first leg of this new training regimen wasn't what Crevan would have considered training if someone had asked him about the matter previously but it was pretty apparent that this was important to Matthew. So much so that he had actually penned a book on the matter. It wasn't as if manners were a foreign concept to the youth, he'd learned about all of this fairly early on in life, but it seemed that Matthew felt that he needed a refresher course on the subject matter. Crevan diligently read through the book that he had been given by his mentor, making sure to memorize the points that seemed most important.

Most of it was things that he had heard before but he took greater care to memorize them now.

Just in case there was going to be a quiz on this later, which he wouldn't put past Matthew.

Like with everything else that he endeavored to do Crevan threw himself wholeheartedly into the training, getting up before dawn every morning to prepare himself before participating in prayer and worship with Matthew before getting started. Crevan did take note of the fact that Matthew was being harder on him than the man had been previously and he did vaguely wonder if something had occurred to fuel this increase in fervor applied to his training. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask but Crevan decided that it might be best that he not know, the silver-haired youth deciding that he was just going to accept it for what it was.

A chance for him to once again prove his dedication to this path.

Well he remembered the talks that he'd had with Matthew when he first voiced his intention to become a Paladin, the way that his mentor had tried to convince him to become a Dawnbringer instead. He knew that the path he chose to walk was a harsh one but in his mind better a short life with purpose than a long existence without meaning. Those were the words that he had spoken and it was still a sentiment that he believed fully.

As he was put through his paces physically Crevan went over in his mind the things that Matthew had written in that book, making sure that he knew them forwards and back. Not just because there might well be a test on it later but also because it was a code that he was to live by. And he took that very seriously. He knew that his actions would reflect upon Matthew and the last thing he wanted to do was bring shame upon the one that had taken him in when his own family didn't want him.

For that reason, along with many others, Crevan threw himself into the training, pushing himself perhaps even harder than Matthew was pushing him.

PostPosted: Sat, Oct 07 2017, 2:13 AM 

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As hours stretched on Matthew took tentative care of Crevan and healed his wounds. It wasn't long before he lead the youth to trek through Dark hold leading the silver haired boy to step through the gauntlet of undead being faced with a great rite of passage as it were putting his new found gifts of Lathander's Might to the test.

This was not all Matthew taught the youth as Crevan would soon find hard work in harvesting the fields and re plowing the, churning the earth as a beast of burden would soon be his new task. How to sew seeds and re plant what was gathered. Canned goods and preserves out of what was gathered and what percentage to save and give back to the earth.

Even on hunting trips Matthew taught Crevan to be thankful for the creature they had taken and taught him how to utilize them in full and treat them with respect. He advised that Lathander's light stretched to every activity they participated in and Matthew constantly urged him to consider in what ways he could better himself and better others through his own actions. How to display hope. Why that he should temper his judgment with mercy for those truly seeking penance.

❤ Amia is Fun Again! ❤

"It's easy to feel like a hero. It's a little harder to be one."

PostPosted: Sun, Oct 08 2017, 16:47 PM 

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Crevan's first experience with the undead scourge was, in a word, lively. Upon entering Dark hold the silver-haired youth had only a vague idea of what it was that he was going to be facing but as Matthew led him through the gauntlet, though the man left the fighting to the youth, he began to get a clearer picture. It was definitely a workout, forcing the young Aasimar to put his newly improved, and some newly acquired, skills to the test but Crevan was determined to live up to the expectations that had been placed upon him.

It wasn't easy, by any stretch of the imagination, but Crevan managed to make it through without completely humiliating himself in the process.

That wasn't the end of his lessons however, it seemed that Matthew had a myriad of things that he was to learn. The hard work did not extend only to the art of fighting but also to the art of farming, things on opposite ends of the spectrum but each no less important than the other. Again Crevan was put through his paces, this time with more mundane tasks that tested his body more than his mind. Of course as they worked there was as always discussion that caused him to use his brain.

Multi-tasking was also an important skill to develop and hone.

Hunting was something that he hadn't really taken part in up until now, that one excursion with Fymor and Trick aside. In his youth he'd held an aversion to eating any animal that he had seen while it was still alive, something that he was now forced to overcome. It was a bit difficult but he did manage and he did of course share Matthew's views that the animal should be treated with respect.

Each lesson was taken to heart, Crevan listening to Matthew's words and analyzing them, seeing where they fit in with his own views of the world. Hope was the key factor in his life, something that everyone deserved and something that he wanted to foster. That was the goal toward which he was working and Crevan was dedicated to putting in whatever hard work was required to achieve that end.

Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen, make it happen.

PostPosted: Sun, Oct 08 2017, 19:41 PM 

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For a time their training came to a small pause to let Crevan's body recover and adapt for a day. Matthew moved on the following day to take Crevan in to Town where they gathered various healing supplies before starting off to the Salandran Temple where Matthew sought out Sevrin, the Salandran Templar. He would introduce his charge and for the next two days they would together be volunteering to help the patients here in the temple.

From sick to injured Crevan would learn about different treatments. Whenever possible Matthew would explain why certain things must be done. There were the various wards such as the Maternity, the burn, and the psych ward. all of which Matthew brought Crevan to to witness, learn, and aid in.

❤ Amia is Fun Again! ❤

"It's easy to feel like a hero. It's a little harder to be one."

PostPosted: Sat, Oct 21 2017, 19:24 PM 

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It seemed that learning to fight was not the only training that Crevan was going to be given, he was also instructed in the art of healing though it was mostly the basics of battlefield triage and first aid that they worked on. He did also learn to tend to the sick and injured at the temple and the youth seemed to take to that with something of an affinity. Crevan didn't mind at all to do the manual labor that was involved, changing bandages, cleaning and disinfecting wounds, all of that stuff. He jumped in with a readiness to help that showed his devotion to helping people not just in dealing with vile creatures that would harm them but also with tending to the aftermath.

Exciting was not a word that could be used to describe it, the work itself was often monotonous, but that didn't deter the Aasimar youth. Crevan readily learned what was taught, committing it to memory so that he might call upon this information at such a time as it was needed.

There was a lot to learn, Crevan was aware of that and had known it when he embarked upon this path, but his faith and determination in his chosen path did not waver because of it. If anything it only grew stronger as the workload increased.

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