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PostPosted: Fri, Dec 08 2017, 0:01 AM 

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Hello folks, need some build help. Which would you choose and why?

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PostPosted: Fri, Dec 08 2017, 0:26 AM 

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Crippling Strike by default, Would think about Slippery Mind if you're an Outsider race.

Really, Mindblank potions aren't that rare so slippery Mind looses a LOT of its appeal...

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PostPosted: Fri, Dec 08 2017, 0:29 AM 


Joined: 04 Jan 2015

This is a topic I actually thought about quite a bit myself... My gut reaction says: Crippling Strike. All the way. -2 STR on every single sneak attack is pretty impactful. That's one AB on a strengther. After a few, they'll start to be pretty weak. Then, at the same time, most dexers I personally play tend to stick pretty near encumberance levels. Maybe I'm the only one with that problem, but personally, if you hit any of my dexers just once or twice, they're slow.

That said, because it's guaranteed, stacking and saveless, I tend to think pretty highly of it. Slippery Mind has some uses though. Let's say you actually managed to get your will save up to 35ish or up. At that point, you can (almost) skip a Mindblank potion. Your 5% chance of rolling a one turns into a 0.25% chance, or 1 in 400. And the bonus is that it can't be dispelled. That said, it's not as reliable as Crippling Strike, IMO. It's less useful if you're not sitting at 35+ will, because you'd still want a Mindblank to be 100% sure. Additionally, there's a second problem with how it works. (I think. This is something I haven't tested, but based on how NWN works, I think this is how it goes) Because it only re-rolls versus Mindaffecting, it won't help you against Stunning Fist, the Hold line of spells, or any Fear effects, like TerriRage or the fear spell. It will -only- work against saves versus mind-affecting.

So, in my opinion, Crippling Strike is the safer bet. Slippery Mind is decent IMO, but at high will, a Mindblank potion is good, and it would need to be dispelled and you're still pretty safe, and at low will it does pretty little for you. Like, say your will was at a level where you have to roll 16 or higher, your chance still would be at 56%. It saves you Mindblanks and makes you less vulnerable to dispel/Mords, but only in a very niche area.

Slippery Mind wouldn't actually help you as an outsider, because you only get a re-roll on failing versus mind-affecting.

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