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PostPosted: Wed, Dec 13 2017, 23:54 PM 

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So as I'm for the first time in my nwn history is seriously playing an arcane spellcaster I feal like I'm drowning in spell choices. I play a Sorcerer so spells known are limited. My question is if there is any must have spells that I really should pick besides the most ovious.
I mean basic buffs, mind blank, black staff and mass haste is a given. So also is Black blade and mords. But besides these is there any must have spells I have overlooked that I should pick no matter what schools I focus in?

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Sigurdis Haraldsdottir

PostPosted: Thu, Dec 14 2017, 6:19 AM 

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This is the initial list of spells I was suggested by an old, badass friend. I pass this ancient knowledge on to you, use it with care young one. What follows is pure, unedited holy writ, a baseline to guide you on your way to sorcerous glory:


Legend: Extended --- Maximized

Level One
- Mage Armor (+1 Dodge AC)
- Shield(Swappable; with EMA, you won't need the Deflection AC, and immunity to Magic Missile is... you know.)
- Protection Against Alignment (So you free up the Circle on the Third Level)
- Magic Missile (Saveless and nice damage blaster!)
- Identify (Always useful!)

Level Two
- Cat's Grace (AC!)
- Endurance (HP + Fort!)
- Bull's Strenght (AB for friends, Carry + Disc' for you!)
- Flame Weapon (For da summonz/allies)
- Darkness (I've put Darkness here since you'll have all your level 2 slots free, except for one extended Shield, so you can spam it.)

Level Three
- Haste (You don't want to waste one Mass Haste to Buff your team, right?)
- Greater Magic Weapon (Your summons and allies will -love- you.)
- Negative Energy Burst (I see your face of surprise asking "but... why?" ... Well, no one like a non-saveable -7 to STR, right? Right.)
- Protection VS. Elements (Just so you can shield your friends against Elements. Swappable if you only want to use Energy Buffer on yourself.)

Level Four
- Improved Insibility (Always say yes to a 50% miss chance on yourself!)
- Shadow Conjuration (Invisibility from this one, since it wasn't applied to level two spells. If you don't think you will need basic Invisibility, this may be swapped out.)
- Ice Storm (You know... AoE Damage without Save. Always cool.)
- Stoneskin (Protection against physical damage for your allies. There's Premonition for yourself.)

Level Five (Where all your Ability Spells take their Maximized Versions)
- Mestil's Acid Sheath (To punish whomever succeeds in striking you)
- Greater Shadow Conjuration (Ghostly Visage. It's nice to have here! Though, if you want to live without it or out of misties, your pick!)
- Energy Buffer (Stronger protection vs elements, though self only)
- Lesser Mind Blank (If you don't take the AoE Version. Level Five spells are more at your discretion, really. Most of them are not necessary to your survival, but aid a lot.)

Level Six
- Isaac's Greater Missile Storm (Need I say why?)
- True Seeing (See Invisibility + Ultravision that you cannot pick earlier. Some spot, too. You'll need that for fights in Darkness!)
- Mass Haste (Need I say why?)

Level Seven
- Spell Mantle (Can be Extended to save slots for Mass Hastes) (A great arm against other spellcasters! It can be empowered, too, if you pick the feat.)
- Protection against Spells (Nice saves against spells! You may always calculate if they get into your +20 cap. If so, then the spell can be avoided.)
- Shadow Shield (If you don't want to get caught into your own Negative Blasts. Or other drains/shits)

Level Eight
- Premonition (Your main cushion to eat the blows!)
- Greater Sanctuary (Wooohooo, yeeeehooo! If I could escape, I would but-- Hey, I can escape! Ciao!)
- Blackstaff (Vamp' regen' is nice! Though, depending on your summons, you might not use it. And if you're selfish, you won't need this for allies.) OR Mind Blank (if you need the Level Five spell slot.)

Level Nine (Keep Mord', take what you want for the two others.)
- Mordenkainen's Disjunction (Duh.)
- Black Blade of Disaster (Cut cut cut!!)
- Time Stop (Nice tactical advantage when well used. 3 Spell Castings when hasted; buffs!)

I followed this for the longest time on my first and only sorc. God damn was it fun. I made some changes later on. It really depends on how you play, and you really have a ton of spell slots and flexibility. It also depends on your build, but this is a pretty generic list. Also with a sorc, remember to try and take your very last level as sorc, so you can easily replace unwanted spells (just deleveling one level just to change spells is an easy request, sometimes a DM will just do it IG without fuss).

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PostPosted: Thu, Dec 14 2017, 9:15 AM 

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Joined: 25 Nov 2008

Thanks that will help me a lot. Maybe should have mentioned I'm running conjuration and illusion focus.

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Sigurdis Haraldsdottir

PostPosted: Thu, Dec 14 2017, 9:31 AM 

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That's an awesome resource for anyone new to the class.

But one point - where's 'gust of wind' in that list?

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PostPosted: Fri, Dec 15 2017, 19:55 PM 


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Just out of curiosity, since there have been multiple preachers of holy word, and there are different factions in the whole area of buildingdom: Of whom is this the holy scripture?

(This is simply because I love hearing about people who used to play on here, and I love reading back on old posts. It's a terrible habit of mine, because I see what I missed by joining Amia when it already was old...)

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PostPosted: Wed, Jan 31 2018, 6:11 AM 

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I'd say Naiv has a pretty good list there. It's definitely a functional one, if you're not quite sure what you're doing as a Sorc or arcane caster in general. The shame of it is that it reminds me how NWN gameplay heavily encourages every Sorcerer to end up with the same loadout, when diversity and theme should be their hallmarks of their repertoires. Our spell changes have helped with that a little bit, but...

*sighs and pines for Pathfinder*

You think Magic is your ally... but you merely adopted the Art. He was born in it. Molded by it.
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