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PostPosted: Sun, Feb 11 2018, 15:00 PM 


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Hey everyone,

Lately, I've been wondering about mages a bit. I know mages have some pretty powerful PvP abilities. I'm mostly going into the details of casters, since Battlemages don't have the arsenal that a blastercaster has. But I still wouldn't know how to PvP as (or against) one. If any of my statments are wrong, please crrect me as well.

As far as I know, you always focus the mage over the summon. If the summon dies, the mage gets a new one. If the mage dies, the PvP is over.

Blastercleric seems pretty obvious, with the most important, relevant spells being "just" straight damage spells, Earthquake, Searing Light, stuff like that. It's good damage epr round, but they mostly have damage, and not too many other effects (I think). The effects they do have, saves cancel most of them.

Wizards (and sorcs) on the other hand have a lot more utility, in a way. Timestop can be used easily to buff to have all defenses up, or to set up AoE effects, like grease and Evards, which is, afaik, a pretty popular combo. It forces enough reflex saves (a low save for many) against KD, which makes them tke all the damages, and the Evards deal decent damage if you're not geared against it.

Wizards also tend to be more likely to dispel effects, especially since they have Mords, leaving you wanting Mind Blanks, Death Wards, ImpInvis, See Invis and a few other buffs.

Lastly, Wizards have straight damage effects (especially now, with the new spell changes, there's more that reflex doesn't protect against) like Fireball, IGMS, and all of those.

Now, the latter two issues seems counterable (mostly) by just having high saves and hp. Yeah, enough spells and you will eventually roll a 1, but that can always happen. Even a single roll won't always do much, enless it's a mind effect or a save versus death.
However, the former tactic seems kind of... problematic. Grease can be countered (partially) by a high save, SR and/or Freedom, but at four (or more) greases, it seems like those won't do much.
Now, the source of damage, in my example Evards, can be countered with 10 or 15 DR to bludgeon.

Alternatives seem to mostly deal acid damage, but it still would stack up. Besides, if you are blocked by the grease, it would mean the mage can just hit you with the straigt damage spells and whittle down your hp.

So, I'm just curious: Amd I thinking of this wrong? Is there a flaw in my logic? Or is that just how mages are? Are there counters to it? Any other spell combos you can use?

PostPosted: Thu, Mar 15 2018, 7:36 AM 

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In the regards of pvping against the mage the number one option is killing them before they cast any spells. It's bad advice but .. its what works.

Otherwise, another tactic I used was to beat them at their own game. If they have a spell mantle, use a spell breach wand then hit them with a bigby crushing scroll. Close the gap/execute.

Any other situation your pretty much fucked.

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