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PostPosted: Sun, Jun 10 2018, 14:49 PM 

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I am considering to make a dragon disciple character, but I am not sure how to build one these days. I remember the builds changed and became disciple heavier after the changes to the class, but I never managed to find an example of a build in the forums.

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PostPosted: Sun, Jun 10 2018, 14:58 PM 


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I'd personally say one of the best builds for DD is (str heavy, obviously) 10Ftr/2Bard/18DD.

It's a pretty simple build, though there are a few arguments to be had about Dev versus no Dev, but in general probably standard would be 18 base str, take at least one great str, go 9ftr/1brd/10DD in pre-epics... (Might be able to play around with that, to get saves a bit better, but it won't really matter)

Second Bard for tumbledump in epics, you have to be a bit careful with DD epic bonus feats, I think you have to take epic prowess and armor skin, since nothing else wil be useful...

PostPosted: Sun, Jun 10 2018, 23:42 PM 

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The one robbi mentions is the most common one I think and is really good. There is a few other possibilities if you are looking for something different and depending on how heavy you wanna go on the RDD front.

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PostPosted: Mon, Jun 11 2018, 18:58 PM 

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Make a Caster Sorc/DD, trust me it's awesome.

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PostPosted: Mon, Jun 11 2018, 19:02 PM 

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All I’m going to add is avoid the cheese DD/Earth Genasi it makes People cry :(

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PostPosted: Mon, Jun 11 2018, 20:38 PM 


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Ideally, be hin (for the +1 AB and AC) Earth Genasi, and try to make kim a kukri-wielding Pale Master or something... kek

PostPosted: Tue, Jun 12 2018, 2:04 AM 

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Fighter / Bard / Dragon Disciple is probably the best version of a DD build you can do. You'll definitely max out your DC for Dev-Crit. I have a Kobold / DD and he isn't that bad.

Due to the changes in the class you want at least 18 DD. Honestly. The buffs are insane. 32 Spell Resistance / +Strength / +Constitution / +Charisma / +Intelligence / +Immunity to Element (Dependent on which you choice).

Dragon Disciples right now are a walking powerhouse imo. They may not be able to defeat everything, but they'll definitely be able to keep up.

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