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PostPosted: Fri, Jun 29 2018, 13:50 PM 

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Hello Amia! These are rules for the less proficient or experienced among you to follow break them where the build is still viable or where the flavor is simply required of it.

  • Always build least 14 con
    • Even elves. I'm looking at you!
    • More con is obviously better but this is the baseline for being comfortable and surviving.
    • Sometimes toughness can be used to buffer low con but you're better off having both.
  • Always try to take some fortitude feats in your build
    • I know this can be hard on some builds but if you can switch out non-essential feats for these it will save you mythal slots later that you can use for discipline or other saves. Maybe even going for universal instead.
  • 22 of a stat is just fine, 24 is the highest you need, never go past 26 (except in exceptions)
    • This may feel counter intuitive since you want high DCs and high AB, AC, or saves but hear me out. The only notable exception is epic dodge. Take 26 for epic dodge.
      • A DC of 37 is not that far off from a DC of 39 or 40 and if they can make one they can likely make the other with relative ease. Plan to hit someone where their saves are weak or use saveless spells that focus on crowd control or debuffing on enemies and buffing allies where possible. (Note 2 on this - always pvp with a friend)
      • A non-weapon master can get their attack stat to +12 and pull off an AB of 46 or 48 if they're a full BAB class, 42 if they aren't. Bless, aid, and divine favor potions (which you might need a brewer for) can get you +3 attack bonus right off the bad. That gets you 49-46 ab which is more than enough for most NPCs and taunt will lower a creature's ac by potentially -6 on top of that.
      • Just always go 26 for epic dodge, it's amazing and one of the game.
  • Build to do more than just one 'thing' with your build.
    • Don't just tank. Do damage efficiently by having good ab. Don't just cast fireballs, use summons and crowd control spells well. Don't just shoot arrows. Trap and use heal kits. If you let yourself do one thing you'll find if that thing is nullified you stand there during potential DM quests and long dungeon runs that you're useless.
  • Build so you can get 38 fortitude with gear, +10 on your attack stat, some con, and whatever other saves you can fit inside your gear after that.
    • I actually have in depth lists of what gear and mythal combinations I need to do anything when I make a character. It's why my wizard has 70+ discipline, 39 of all saves, 60 ac, and 400 hp.

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