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PostPosted: Mon, Jan 09 2017, 1:37 AM 

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Thanks for the feedback. Provide any more feedback if you want! All insight towards what PCs want / and OOC barriers I'll try to work towards.

1. I don't control how active PCs are. But I can control who gets in the faction. (ie / I can recruit). UFCGoose is always on Amia, usually, but I think Kuria was "alted" due to lack of RP in Tark. It's understandable.

2. I really need to get some of the post cleaned up. Most of the links are for Dead / Bobof / and Murk.

This is our DMsImage

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PostPosted: Tue, Jan 10 2017, 15:25 PM 


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Interestingly enough, you asking is doing one thing I like about this as well. I'm not sure about how much this is the case, but at least it seems like a step towards the two factions belonging together more. Maybe I'm interpreting this wrong, but I never really liked the mage/fighter division that Tarkuul had. Again, I have no idea how much that is in truth, but it always seemed like they were two separate things that loathed working together. And I don't know how I get that feeling, but the things written in forums gave me that impression.


PostPosted: Sat, Jan 14 2017, 2:12 AM 


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Come to Tarkuul!

While I might play an Arcanist in Tarkuul, I'm always happy to work with Divine and Martial folk, even if my character is an absolute wimp in social situations. If I can make coming to Tarkuul fun or find a way to make your stay in Tarkuul fun/interesting, please don't hesitate to hit me up. I'll do what I can to help you. :)

PostPosted: Sun, Jan 15 2017, 22:08 PM 


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Ok LibrisMortis. I'd do this in a PM, and I'm a bit torn, because this thread is nice, and without a moderator will get clotted, but on the other hand, other people might benefit from this as well.

How do I get into the Living Guard? Is ucfgoose still the one (and only?) person to talk to for that? I have a character that might (and I say might because I really am not sure which direction to go, there's like 5) be interested in that, and I'm not sure how to get into that stuff.

Second thing, and maybe I'm stupid to ask for this, maybe this already is there, but can you maybe add some IC that gives you the name of the founder? I mean, if it's there, sorry, but I haven't been able to find it in quite a while looking, and one single search in the internet got me that. In OOC information... That annoyed me quite a bit. And then asking people IC got me "find out yourself". :(

PostPosted: Mon, Jan 16 2017, 0:49 AM 


Joined: 14 Aug 2015

Afaik all applications for MM and Living Guard go to Hojo now. He's the Speaker and multiple roles and positions have been consolidated into his power until (I think) there's people to take over those positions.

As for the dude who founded.. Er.. I'm not sure, I know I'm not Mortis, but I at could at least answer the first one. :P

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