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PostPosted: Mon, Nov 21 2016, 9:55 AM 


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Hello you guys,
So... I'm kind of doing some stuff. And, for this stuff I could use some help. Essentially, the idea of this would be along the lines of the Gentleman's Club, and I don't think it would clash with any preexisting club characters. Or, maybe you could help me make it not clash. On the other hand, I don't really know too much about the Club, so again, people from there certainly are welcome. However, of course, other people are welcome too. I do have a goal currently, but I wouldn't really want to put it out into the open on the forums, so in general, due to the nature of anything I/we might be doing, it more sensible for non-good characters, or at least shady characters.

As for not metagaming "yourself", so not having characters in opposing factions, I'd suggest you don't have an alternate account in the Club (mainly because this group and the Club might be doing stuff) or a character in a settlement in the guard of a city on the Isle of Amia. Since I don't do B much, usually, I don't think it's a problem there.
Again, I mainly want to say this so you do not metagame yourself, essentially. If you have a guard, and we would do shit in your city, you would essentially have to investigate yourself. Also, in events, which team would you fight on? Essentially, I'm not sure if this is an official server rule (I think it is, but I can't see it listed) but I think it is good, and with my recent meta-paranoia... well, I say it's a rule. :)

Well, if I sparked anyone's interest, and I hope I did, send me a PM or post here. I'm from Europe, but tend to be able to play US times at least once or twice a week. Also, since I mostly want something along these lines happen, after the first job I wouldn't mind to not be the group leader. So, if this moves off to another time zone, I wouldn't mind too much.

Well, if you like it, please say so, and good day,

PostPosted: Mon, Dec 05 2016, 22:51 PM 

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Maybe you could say what the point of you group is, rather than saying it's like the gentlemansclub that you don't seem to know anything about.

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