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PostPosted: Sun, Jan 15 2017, 23:57 PM 


Joined: 14 Aug 2015

Tarkuul Wants You! (Dead or Alive!)

Note: I am not a leader or anything in Tarkuul, just a person in the City.

Tarkuul is a place where you can study everything or anything you like without judgement. You can research your undead just as free as you can research how to blow them up - just as long as you don't blow up any of the unliving guard!

I'd like to spark more interest and get more people playing in Tarkuul. I'd like to help people who have 'maybe' concepts that they'd love to try but don't know if it'd work or fit - chances are it will! - but I also want to gauge interest in Tarkuul as a whole. Hojo/Mortis has done an absolutely wonderful job in keeping Tarkuul afloat while things were down, and I want to help him - and you - join up in the bestest evil little Empire that ever was!


# Arcanists. (Duh.)
# Divine-folk!
# Fighty-folk!
# .. Any type of folk!

The one thing I've heard is that in playing an evil character you resign yourself to being maligned IC, and that's true. That's part and parcel of being a 'bad guy', but remember - playing evil doesn't mean you are evil OOC. You are here to spread fun and conflict for everyone involved, to make Amia feel alive and to let people push their characters and explore. Don't want to be Magisterium Mortis or Living Guard? That's fine. Be a member of Tarkuul. Do your own thing. Make your own little evil cult. Want to be a Dragon Disciple seeking to unlock the evil potential of the Dracolich you wish you had in your veins? Go for it. Want to assemble an unholy army of undead halflings that throw themselves at people's faces? Go for it.

Or do you just want to sit around and talk with your fellow Tarkuulians in a bar where you can play dice, gamble, and be under the watchful eye of a ogre bartender who can make clones of himself? You can do that. You're more than welcome to. There's open buildings in Tarkuul that could be put out for something you want. We have a DM (Dicey! <3) who is here to throw juicy plots our way.

So come join the Living City!

tl;dr I want more people to join. Let me help you. PM away. I'm not a faction leader, just an eager player wanting more people to play with.

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