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Magma Kitten
PostPosted: Wed, Oct 25 2017, 20:13 PM 

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Joined: 04 Jan 2015

I have an idea but the server is still new to me, so getting that idea into application is pretty tough at the moment! What I'm thinking up is a Garagosan Bloodreaver. The idea is a mostly-honorable but savage warrior, following Garagos' demand to always seek out foes that are stronger than you and defeat them in single combat. My intent was to make it as a war cleric but was looking over some of the changes here and see maybe barbarian or barbarian/weaponmaster(or blackguard instead of WM) would be effective to the role too!

I'm not completely dead set on the class being cleric (playing a druid right now I am already a little burned out by the massive buff-chain), but if cleric I think I'd take a more CN Targan approach as his valkyrie of bloodlust and violence, but non-cleric more pure CE Khorne, because let's be honest, that's who Garagos really is. The CE non-cleric approach I am kind of thinking of using two-hander with imp disarm but man losing out on 8 ac plus other things on top of it just for 1.5x strength damage doesn't seem at a glance like enough to pay for the style of a greataxe.

Some of the themes I'd like to encourage is fighting over petty things, like hell for example she might contest someones claim over a piece of loot found on an adventure just to provoke a fight over it. Or of course stoak conflict and build strife to bring two parties to violence, and breed war between powers when possible. She would host martial contests and advertise for fighters to spill their blood in gladiatorial combat, using the gold rewards from adventures to pay the victors of the arena, and rallying adventurers to face terrible foes and collect grand prizes to bestow as rewards to gladiators in bigger arenas.

There is one other concept though that I've been toying with! With all the custom things for dragon disciples here I've toyed with the idea of a less human approach.... In the draconomicon there is a dragon class called Bloodscaled Fury which is basically super-barbarian for dragons, where they bleed from their skin when they go into savage rages, and was thinking you know... maybe... perhaps, a RDD that is themed off of those would also fill this concept role and see its mutations as a gift. Perhaps in her story a specific Bloodscaled dragon taught its human minion how to use the gift of her dragonblood, and she raises this one dragon up in her mind as the pinnacle of the Reaver's destructive fury in this world, and has set out into the larger world to spread that example and collect a hoard to one day return with and deliver as tribute to her draconic idol.

So that's the idea. Lots of sweet player conflict, a bit of combat too, arenas, and plenty of rage with a twist of crazy thrown in for fun. Two different approaches to it, either a human approach or bloodscaled disciple of an undetermined color (prob red or white), for the glory of the Blood God! What do you guys think about it conceptually? There can be only one! And the winner (or at least if there is a tie between the three) will move on to the build fishing forum!

PostPosted: Wed, Oct 25 2017, 22:03 PM 


Joined: 04 Jan 2015

Well, the whole bloodthirsty part doesn't sound too much like a Cleric to me. Problem is, on part, that Cleric gameplay is buff for 5 hours (like, with all buffs and hasted it's 15-20 rounds, and another 5 rounds each time rebuffing)
A normal cleric could use Haven amd be invis for the whole buffing time. I don't personally see a Garagosian doing that. Biut a cleric could be cool, just something to think about. That said, a buffed Cleric will pretty much tear apart any other build. High AC, high AB, very good damage, especially with some crits...

Otherwise, Garagos always seemed like a barbarian deity to me. Sprinkling some WM might work, but I personally don't know barbs very well.

Dark Immolation
PostPosted: Thu, Oct 26 2017, 1:58 AM 

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Joined: 20 Apr 2008
Location: The downeaster "Alexa"

It's not that difficult to walk around with a few of your basic buffs up. Stat buffs, weapon buffs, Magic Vestment, Bless, Aid, Death Ward. Extend those and you can walk around for about an hour at a solid baseline. They don't even have constant VFX's, so it's not like you'll look like a Christmas tree while walking around. The main ones you have to hit as a cleric, before a battle, are like Divine Favor, Divine Power, Battletide. A caster walking around without some basic spells on, expecting to be given time to completely buff before a fight, is like a fighter walking around in their underwear, expecting to be given time to put their armor on. Haven, for that reason, spoils Clerics IMO. Like when mages could buff under Sanctuary.

But moving on to the idea. I think it could work. Bloodthirsty doesn't mean attacking when you're not ready. That's just impulsiveness. It makes perfect sense to me that some murderous, combative type would wait until they're at their best to strike. Else, what's the point? To purposefully get your ass kicked? If your idea is to fight stronger enemies, so you can prove your worth, you want to be at your strongest and you want them to be at their strongest. No one really cares if you kill John McBadass in his sleep. You want him at the peak of his game, so when he loses and you're grinding his face in the mud, he can't claim he was having a bad day or that you were being cheap. You've proven you're better than this guy, straight up, and are therefore more worthy of Papa Bloodshed's love. Which is essentially just more bloodshed.

That doesn't go for all Garagathans of course. Some will run in and murder you in your sleep, because if you're sleepin', you ain't killin', and das bad. But given the "honorable Khornate" angle you mentioned, I think a war-cleric who purposefully spreads combat makes plenty of sense. Followers of Beshaba spread misfortune, followers of Talona spread disease, someone who follows Garagos would spread violence. Spreading it through duels, hunts, and tournaments is as much a flavor of it as the chaos of the battlefield.

A non-divine route works to, and is a little more free for other flavors and ideas. The idea of a barbarian/dragon disciple reminds me of the Bloodrager class from Pathfinder. PCs use draconic heritage to gain all sorts of aspects from their scaled ancestors. Tails, horns, wings, breath, mind, eyes, attitude, knowledge. If you can inherit all those traits from being a disciple, I don't see it as a stretch to say you could inherit things like draconic bloodlust, rage, and competitive spirit. Though I do feel like being a follower of Garagos matters less at that point. I'd see that character as having more of a Conan the Barbarian and Crom vibe. Even without the deity's dogma, you'd still be doing basically the same thing on your own.

You think Magic is your ally... but you merely adopted the Art. He was born in it. Molded by it.
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Magma Kitten
PostPosted: Thu, Oct 26 2017, 4:56 AM 

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Joined: 04 Jan 2015

I was thinking about it more and think if I do a dragon disciple I'll really focus on the dragon aspect more than diety aspect, so not fitting for this sort of thing!

I have actually just learned about a 1/day Haste trinket IG that can help make buff chains significantly less tediously time-consuming. So that's a pro for cleric! Also I have like 20 prayers and blessings for Garagos, both CN and CE interpretations, so I guess buff time is a good chance to make sure that the prayers are roleplayed. Was thinking though... Maybe a bard/blackguard sort of Warcaller could be a fine way to do it though also. The type of person who is always at the point to steal first blood and whose cries of battle may stir a hot fury in the blood of fellow warriors lifting them to heights of rage in combat beyond any normal man! Basically if you were to make any Manowar song into a person.

PostPosted: Thu, Oct 26 2017, 11:16 AM 


Joined: 04 Jan 2015

Well, my experience from my latest (and first) Cleric is that extending all 'lond-duration' buffs means that gearing is a bit more difficult. (not much, but you won't have 4 'short' extended spells together with all extended, and no extra spellslots from equip) Then again, Garagos is war domain, which makes gearing a lot easier, because you don't need to plan in 9 dex (which equates to a higher reflex at less gearing), 4 str and 4 con...
A last thing you'd have to remember is that you can't extend Undeath's Eternal Foe, so if you use that to rely on the +4 nat AC, you'll have to recast that. :P

Otherwise, yes, you could go that angle, in which case the 'short' buffing would take you exactly one haven. And yeah, haste trinkets help, but I calculated the two minutes with those. :D I take just about one guitar-thing, and one pocket watch (so 15 rounds of haste) for all my buffs, lol.

You are right about the haven thing, I just thought I'd give some input, because it's something I wouldn't personally see the more 'war-like' clerics doing. I mean, it's a kind of scummy tactic, in a certain way. But there's a few workarounds, one being walking around mostly buffed all the time.

PostPosted: Thu, Oct 26 2017, 19:08 PM 

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Joined: 18 Oct 2017

A few servers ago in an age far far away I played on a 40 server and used a Gargosian Cleric/barbarian/Rogue with the same concept of basically 'Fight to live' style. Although the base build would chance I think the effect could still be kept in form with what you're looking for as a cleric.
Old build - 21 Cleric, 16 Barb, 3 rogue
Amia maybe? - 15 cleric 15 barbarian

I realize this totally skips out of some of the really awesome stuff like a tumble dump however it picks up a lot of cool things along the way.

15 cleric caster levels, GMW/MV/SoF/Barkskin(cheese)/Extended haste
15 Barb for HP/BAB/1 Bonus Attack/round/ Terror.

With a level spread like 12 barb 8 cleric pre epic, into 3/7 in epic you could net 4 APR + Rage + Haste for 6 APR
I think in terms of 'Buffs' he would really not need to buff that many spells at all, He Rages and then starts to take chunks out of you... if you're worthy of the Fury of his god, he Slaps on a divine favour, battle tide, Prayer, and beat your into a small pile of blood... Works with almost any Race, One suggested obvious for the feat and skill points.

Anyways I am new to the server and this is my first post I hope it helped, personally I love concept builds especially around the gods of War.

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