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PostPosted: Sun, Feb 11 2018, 23:50 PM 


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This is a bit weird... So, I went to Snowbeast, hoping to maybe finally get an epic drop.

I came in, fought the first group of Blizzard Spectres, and went on to the boss spawn and second group. Falling back a bit, because fighting them is a lot easier by the entrance. I accidentally clicked on the transition, and came back, and it seems like the area despawned. The "new area" let me spawn a new Blizzard Spectre group, but the area did remember that I had spawned the Snowbeast though, meaning I couldn't actually fight him...

I'm mostly curious, since this is the first time I've seen this happen, but it was pretty annoying just now...

PostPosted: Fri, Jul 06 2018, 23:07 PM 

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Thanks for the reply!

This is a tough one. There are mechanisms in place to prevent transition exploitation. For bosses, this means that if a boss spawns and then there are no players in the area, the boss immediately despawns. Again, this is to prevent any potential to transition abuse when fighting the boss.

To combat the experience you had, we would have to allow bosses to persist in an area with no PCs. This would then open up the potential for transition abuse.

So, to recap our choices:

1. Keep things as is - this just means you have to be a touch careful that you do not leave the area if you are soloing a boss.
2. Increase the time a boss persists within a PCless area - this means we open ourselves up to transition abuse and thus have to monitor and report things more often.

Of the two, 1 is the easiest/simplest/least required effort on all parts. And thus I think we will stay with 1 for now.

Just keep this in mind when doing solo boss runs in the future. Don't get to close to the transition and accidentally click it :P

Feel free to create post in the Improving section if you want to challenge this functionality

Dev Notes
  • I determined that the bug was an intended and necessary game function.
  • I am archiving this for now.


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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 2 posts ] 

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