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PostPosted: Sat, Feb 27 2016, 5:44 AM 

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Endir's Point is erupted into grief and sadness at what appears to be the sudden assassination of Militia Captain Gendar Marlo. Outside of his house, there are signs of a small scale but powerful explosion of ice, a sign of struggle and frozen blood, and some commoners report seeing apathc of inky darkness descend just in front of the Captain's house a short time after lunch. When the guards came over to investigate, the Captain was gone. The lone "witness" says he heard a muffled yell of pain from the area and then nothing else, followed by the darkness.

Only a day later, tensions reach a chill pitch as, within the Captain's house, an icicle covered message is discovered:

"For your impertinence and the impertinence of others, The Winter's Queen claims her right. A sacrifice to the Frostmaiden was demanded, and so it was taken. Your town lives to see another day."

The militia are stressed and overworked, and in a state of disorganization at the loss of their leader, and begin collecting into small groups based on typical patrol routes, trying to work together. A series of routine patrols is quickly worked out, and order comes again to Endir's after a few days, but tensions are still high, and the Captain's funeral is a mournful affair.... and an angry one for a select few.

Davion Telemos - Monk of the Four Winds
Korthan Isharnos - Dragon Shaman of Thunder Spirit Zamasham

PostPosted: Sat, Feb 27 2016, 10:49 AM 

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The original letter is taken down, and a copy put in it's place so others may read.

What the original letter is going to be used for is not spoken of yet.

Osiris Masud


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