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PostPosted: Sat, Aug 06 2016, 9:51 AM 


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As night set in over the Frozenfar there would be a flurry of activity coming forth from the Fogwood, supplies would be gathered, ogres roused, roadwardens warned.

Deeper into the night a force, Comprised of Fort members, ogres and even a frost giant, flying the colors of the barony of Fogwood would be seen tromping around the roads and forest. They would search slowly and with precision, even using a set of strange goggles to aid in it.

A tiefling flanked by a man bearing the symbol of Sharess and chultan would be leading the search

PostPosted: Sun, Aug 07 2016, 2:37 AM 

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During their patrols they would find evidence of disappearing wildlife, and even on a few occasions a small Formian would wander past the road in front of them. The small Formian seemingly focused on sampling everything in its path with its mandibles, at least until it spotted the group and made a hasty retreat into the nearest hole, or impossibly small rock entrance.

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PostPosted: Mon, Aug 08 2016, 9:43 AM 


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The fogwood would resonate with the sounds of combat through out the day as members of the fort clashed with the Formians. The fighting eventually making its way through the wood land passes, around endir's and into Chillwyk.

It was at chillwyk the battle grew most intense once a Myrmarch teleported in and joined the fray. After clearing through the waves of ants the forces of the fort broke through the barriers protecting the burgeoning hive and delved deeper.

Fierce resistance was encountered but eventually one of the Myrmarchs and the lesser queen were destroyed along with the remaining ants.

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