SS Class - Enhanced Food
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Author:  Elyon [ Fri, Jul 20 2018, 0:20 AM ]
Post subject:  SS Class - Enhanced Food

*A job offer placed on the notice board of The Wave and Serpent Adventuring Guild*

Enhanced FoodHowdy adventurers,

Gert the great alchemist is seeking either bakers or cooks to aid in the great experiment of enhanced food! With a special formula, we shall create the most exciting and biggest gingerbread ever to be of existence!

Contact:Gert the Alchemist at the Wave & Serpent guild.
Rewards: 1x gingerbread non-edible puppet, 1x Epic item, rare items (// Yellow loot 4th tier).
Skills Wanted: Bakers and/or Cooks, Market Gardener (not necessary), Bard or Cleric capable of casting animate objects (Must have).

// Please PM me timeslot suggestions and we'll come to an arrangement! Alternatively, I may be on the client and if you poke me, we might have time to do any of those on the spot (keep in mind some may require extensive preparation). Note that the rewards are the overall rewards for a group taking on a job. Do coordinate with others!

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