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PostPosted: Wed, Sep 02 2015, 20:36 PM 

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Dire updates? Longstanding RP that's been placed on hold? Have an area that needs to be hit with the official ADT beautification stick? Look no further!

Didn't we see this somewhere recently?

Yes, Yes you did. But that thread was outdated and severely needed to be replaced. Now, Moogle and I are going to be tackling these projects, so send them our way! This offers a bit more of a transparent way to say: "Hey, we're doing stuff! Don't worry!"

Player's Responsibilities:

Tell us what's goin' on?!

I can't tell you how many times I've had someone ask, "Hey, I requested a module change, what's the status on it?" And been unable to answer because I haven't seen anything regarding it. There seems to be a bit of a problem with documenting things that end up going unnoticed and hopefully this will help with that problem. What I ask of you, my lovelies is to post what's been changing that you haven't heard statuses on, new updates and what's been missed! If there isn't a thread about it in our super secret Developer forums, I'll create one if it's necessary.

You, the players should fill out the following template, and post it here. Afterwards we will correspond with your DM and gain it's approval or rejection, then proceed to work on it and send it through the remainder of our area design process.

This is not the place to request a module change that hasn't been approved yet, please go through the normal process of requesting a module change (Link at the bottom). If you want an area refurbished (I.e. Updated with new PLCs/General face-lift), check with your DM and direct Moogle or I to them, and we'll speak with them about it!

Help us by filling out this simple template, Otherwise I'll be a very sad panda having to figure it out myself:

DAT TEMPLATE, YO'Faction/Character:
Area to Change:
DM Contact:
Specific Changes:

Our Responsibilities:

What our job is, in this is to go back and forth with DMs surrounding settlements and factions regarding what the players are requesting to have changed and the players themselves. We will try to work Personally with the players to ensure that the updates fit what they've been doing and working for as well as getting feedback to adjust our style if it's not fitting what the players are after. Verification with the DM is a formality, but It's needed.

Pending Verification:

Verified/In progress:


Questions? Concerns? PM them to either me or Moogleand we'll adress it as quickly as we can!

Useful links:
What's The ADT?
How to request a module change!
^ Example of a good request!

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PostPosted: Wed, Aug 30 2017, 18:45 PM 

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*creeps out from somewhere after poking from Raua* Hiyo! Like Raua has said, just send me or her a PM with details of something you need done! Also, just fair warning, I ask a lot of questions when building an area for you guys, especially faction leaders and the DM overseeing the area. Be expecting to be poked a lot if you want me to do an area for you that will have major updates to it! I won't bother you with minor things, though, so no worries there.

Oh, it just hit me but I should probably put areas I've done that way you guys know what I can do. You'll be able to tell if my design skills match up with the visions for your areas!

-Troglodyte Caverns in Lowland Swamps

Kyathanis Maernlylth

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