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The Little Dragon
PostPosted: Wed, Nov 15 2017, 18:47 PM 


Joined: 08 Nov 2016

So, here is what I believe is going on. Many of the plots are oriented so that only certain players are put above others, and from what i have seen, a few were even ignored. People come here with ambitions, but dms would ignore them and when they come out to ask why they are being ignored, they are told they are not putting enough effort in. The server is extremely discouraging of free thought, anything that may seem slightly outside the norm is shot down and either ignored by players, or outright attacked both player and dm side. Villains are shot down and rp blocked, or ganked, before they can actually do anything, except one, but only because of his connections. Therefore, there is no reason for players to go beyond being a troll in bendir, for "villiany", who ends up just being something that can be shrugged off as a nuance.
I did once believe there was potential here, but they were right, the flame has withered and died when those who caretake it has snuffed it out. Of course, these are my personal feelings, ones that need to be expressed, because I do care for the server, or once did. So please, prove me wrong. Also, I want it to be one of the voices of by gone, who have left the server out of frustration and have found something new to grasp onto, for I know that a good many of these were players who cared deeply for the server as well, and have given their time to attempt to make their inner dreams come true here. Therefore, if they praise the server, then I would take it as gold that things are improving. Until then, this ship is sinking.

"A master role player is one who is willing and able to bend their character concept to make the game more enjoyable for all involved. To assist the DM in making the game fun, and not to show discord."

PostPosted: Thu, Nov 16 2017, 3:13 AM 


Joined: 12 Dec 2015

Alot of your statement in my opinion simply isn't true. Especially for the "dm designs event to outcast other players and just makes his homies look more cool" statement. If it's a Kholingen event, it's for kholingen, and yet non khol people still came, and normally where not excluded. And if they where excluded, it was within to reasons, and rpd about and during. Not just ignored. You yourself even tagged along on many of the khol events. And you where banned from the city during a few of them yet still came along!!

And your version of "out of the norm gets ignored".

Out of the norm would be like Matthews dragon. Which diddnt get ignored. He has a dragon. He's also (unless I'm mistaken) the only non caster on the server that rps that he has a dragon. Why? Because PS rpd the shit out of Matthew. Earned.

So keep your dm bashing bullshit to yourself, I don't care for It, and I'm sure others will say the same.

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PostPosted: Thu, Nov 16 2017, 11:05 AM 

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I have a question.

Do you talk to the DMs about your concerns of exclusion with specific instances to evidence such before you go airing your grievances publically? If you believe the DMs are specifically undermining players, I'd like to know more than "it happens".

So, much as I'm loathe to having to publically address another potential misunderstanding that could be settled in private without bothering people with more OOC drama, I'll give my viewpoint on things.

Re: Plots only for certain players.
There's two parts here. First, DMs excluding players. And the second, players excluding players.
When it comes to DMs, we do try to run wide reaching plots sometimes. But, DMs are also responsible for specific places/factions, and sometimes a faction (such as Kohlingen, or the Grove, or Winya, or the Dale, or Tarkuul) get specific plots tailored to their areas. This isn't done to exclude certain players. It's meant to give active factions some support and give them stories they can come to on together. Not all plots are specific, and some that are specific end up going server-wide for help. Some factions are allied and will call on others for support.
As for players, there are countless times where I as a player, or others I've seen as players, have allowed people to join events run by their factions that normally would have no business being there. I've held my tongue before because we've been inclusive to a point of borderline breaking character to allow people to be there who don't belong. But there is a limit, there is a line. Tarkuul will never be called upon to aid Kohlingen in an event, if anything they'd be opposed, and if someone from Tarkuul showed up to a Kohlingen event, you can be sure they'd be told to leave, forcibly if need be. And ALL done IN character. This isn't some harsh exclusionary mindset. This is roleplay. Times where people are excluded are that way because it would make no sense for them to be part of it.
And it's not like the evil community has been ignored. Time and time again they've gotten support, and sometimes it's been underappreciated, which leads to stress DM-side.
The biggest point here is this: Your actions, race, faction, faith, have in character roleplay consequences. If you walk around the Dale advertising that you're a villain, don't expect good aligned people/factions to be open to accepting your help.

Re: The server is discouraging of free thought.
.......Since when? On the contrary, we want people to come up with great new ideas and put them forward, see how we can expand the server, see how we can bring new and interesting character concepts to life.
But, at the same time, there are things we can't allow. Such as things that break lore. Things that are simply not thought through. Or things in which we feel the person requesting such doesn't have the experience/lore to play the special request accurately. We've had many concepts go through before that have ended up being lore-breaking disasters, which when encountered in game blows a hole in everyone's immersion.
There is soooooo much that we allow without requests that could honestly use requests, so when it comes to the much more rare and special requests, we're careful what we allow and who we allow to play them.
As for other players, people value their immersion in game, and while some have reasons to be upset over something that totally breaks lore (for instance, dragon disciples mixing unnaturally), some people get a little too upset/vocal. Don't take a few comments here or there as being shot down necessarily. Some people just want to help everyone RP together better. But, if you have people OOCly putting you down or being what you feel is unnecessarily harsh, take screenshots and report it to the DMs.

Re: Villains are RP blocked/ganked.
The way you say they get ganked "before they can actually do anything", makes it sound as if evil characters are being blatantly metagamed and killed, violating all sorts of rules. So to that I say give examples and inform DMs.
Otherwise, IC actions have IC consequences. I don't often see evil characters being played with finesse, and more often than not THEY are responsible for getting themselves discovered and excluded from places/events/etc. Again, we aren't going to break immersion, lore, and RP, just so people that would never mix together can be included. We keep things IC as much as possible, and such OOC considerations have little place. And even so, we often turn a blind eye to this.

You ask us to prove you wrong. Well, I counter with you proving yourself right, for I never hear examples. How can we ever actually address your concerns without knowing what sorts of incidents you're talking about. You want us to prove things, but if we're given vague problems, we can only respond with vague solutions.

If you truly want to help the server, help us by narrowing down specifically where these problems are.
And if at all possible, let's try doing so privately with DMs first. If you want, you can PM me specific concerns or events that have happened in the server so we can address them more directly.



PostPosted: Thu, Nov 16 2017, 12:06 PM 

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Joined: 20 Jan 2006

Re: Plots only for certain players.
We do player specific plots for their story-line, if asked, yes. Which is good. There is no "only player x, y and z" get that but anyone who asks. This can be a delaxed at times, depending on correspondinh time zones. I have personally ran a lot of character-stroyline plots, and it is something I actually enjoy and feel is important.

Re: Villains are RP blocked/ganked.
We do try to help any faction equally. We already even have a DM who volunteered right away for the new (hopefulyl) uprising drow faction. That it sometimes is a bit discouraging that there are a lot of "good/neutral" factions who may proof to be an obstacle is something we cannot really influence. However, there are still several ways to approach it. Among these
1. Going a more subtle, backstabbing, infiltration route, being less obvious but doing damage still in another way.
2. Say fuck it and be obvious anyways, which may result in some losses, but will stirr things regardless of the "battle" maybe being lost. In the long run, the result of chaos and fear might still be reached anyways. In worst of cases, it still at least provided "something to do".
In any case, we do not discourage evil factions. Not at all. I mean we just made another full area not long ago for the more shady kind to thrive and do stuff without being immediately overrun by "good".

Re: DMs exluding players
I hope that would not be the case? At least I have not witnessed any of such. Let us look at a few last plots:

DM Lutra: Lycanthropes
There were several attacks and several investigations by various groups, but also indepenant people. We had Winya, the Grove, Brodgendenstein and Bendir Dale involved. In several fights and investigation sessions there were a lot of individual players also. I recall at the very least one event where even Tarkuul participated.

DM LeathanKayne: The Beshabans
Involved many groups and many individuals. I have been in some (but not all) sessions player side and had people there from Bendir Dale, Wiltun, Winya, the Warknights, I know Kurchin and Tom were there and many others, aswell as a handful of druids and some people from Kohlingen aswell.

The Beshabans caused mischief almost everywhere so people could either oppose them, or perhaps join them if they really wanted to.

DM Amarice/Tarnus: The Magic Devourers
Currently stagnated a bit as not much follow up was done by players, but as promised I will pick this up again, possibly maybe after my holiday though, we'll see.

Anyways, the loss of ley nodes and messing with magic concerns 'everyone' no matter what alignment, race or settlement. No mattter if they are direct magic users or indirect (using of mythals/ley/magical items). The issue was brought to several places all over the server, so it also was not aimed at specific people or excluded anyone, on contrary it is meant to concern everyone.

If players exclude anyone or simply are not interested in your concept and joining your faction that is sad, but not the fault of the DM-Team or the server. Nor is it something we can influence. We cannot and should not force anyone to participate in something they are not interested in. Whatever the reason may be, it is their their choice.

If there are actual occourances (which I dearly hope not, but you never know) where a DM actually tells a player "I do not want you in my plot, please leave", please file a report. But so far, I have not seen any signs of that.


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