As you wanted us to be more open
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Author:  Amarice-Elaraliel [ Mon, Mar 05 2018, 9:25 AM ]
Post subject:  As you wanted us to be more open

Recent edits were made, not because the server or staff where put under criticism, but because it was just generally tossing out insults at various players and DM.

Additionally, bans were given not for being a great martyr and the hero of the people to voice an opinion, but because of poor forum conduct in the past years. repeated insults and random trolling.

Now, as a sidenote, if a player, who says he does not want to play anymore, has nothing better to do than to randomly insult here on the forum, his forum presences is not an enrichment. Criticism can be an enrichment, random insults and vulgarities are not.

Now I am not a fragile little flower, so mind, I do not care or take it personal that I was being insulted here (among others) and to be told to commit suicide and to perform various sexual acts beforehand, which is about as low as you can get.

I do however, view this as if such was said to any person here, and a lot of persons would possibly take something like that much harder to heart than I do. Our jobs as a DM is not only to provide fun and help our playerbase, but also to protect them.

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