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PostPosted: Mon, Feb 25 2019, 23:12 PM 

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Hey guys, I'm making a small update involving 3 things.

A clarification on my role as DM

I'm just letting you guys know that for the foreseeable future, I will be focusing on Dev work. I will still be leading the Kohl faction but I may not be as involved in other DM areas at this time. Other time I spend on the client will be for Dev purposes. For this reason, I will not be available to oversee anything and another DM may have to pick it up.

Dev team

The Dev team's workload has suddenly increased. Because of this, we will be holding small updates such as area updates as low priority unless a Dev team member has a free moment to work on it. Most of our Devs will be very busy for the foreseeable future.

Potential server issues

In the coming weeks we you may be seeing server issues. If you find things aren't spawning correctly, job system issues or even things such as using your DC wand, please post on the bug forum but prioritise prodding a DM in PM on the forums or Discord if you can. A good portion of this is we are currently making some major changes to our NWNX system.

I'm being purposefully ambiguous but I am sure those who have been tuned in to recent discussions will understand what is going on.

"Operating in the border between light and darkness, shadowdancers
are nimble artists of deception. They are mysterious and
unknown, never completely trusted but always inducing wonder
when met"

-Dungeon Master's Guide 3.5e.

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