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Author:  PaladinOfSune [ Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:16 PM ]
Post subject:  The Rules & Lore Forums

Please take some time to read these section of the forums!

These forum contain information on Amia's rules, the lore of Amia and Forgotten Realms, as well as help with certain technical issues. The rules presented here are, along with the ones on the website and in game, binding. The lore is usually common knowledge In Character, at least to those of a scholarly vocation.

Rules Forum:
Even if something isn't written as a rule here doesn't mean it isn't a custom on Amia. Many things that aren't actual rules but affect roleplay a lot have been discussed on the forums. Feel free to ask a DM about something specific to get a clear answer, or do a forum search. We try to keep this forum up-to-date and including even the little things, but not everything can be found here.

Lore Forum:
Not all of the available lore is actually posted on the forums, because many links provided are much more pleasant to read than the forum format. Not all the information behind the links is necessarily accurate or treated as canon on Amia, so they are to be taken with a grain of salt. We do try to provide as useful information as possible, however.

The DMs reserve the right to change and adapt any lore to suit Amia.

Varia Forum:
Amia is a living, breathing roleplaying community that evolves over time. In the effort of building our server to offer you more and more unique tools to enchance your roleplaying and gaming experience, we also necessarily make it more complex. The Varia forum is where we have placed a great deal of information to help you navigate many of Amia's more signature features, such as the Deity System and our modified classes, feats, and spells. If ever there is a request for us to place information that players will have a need to refer to regularly, this is where we will put it. Just ask.


Many of the posts in these forums are taken from discussions in the other forums and edited by the DMs. Praise goes to the original posters for their contributions. If you feel something should be included in these forums, please PM a DM with as detailed information as possible, and links and/or reference to the original source.

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