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PostPosted: Wed, Jul 22 2015, 2:58 AM 

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After a few months of labor, primarily inside the buildings of the fortress, the renovations are completed as the courtyard is closed to all traffic following a heavy rain storm. Wet earth is moved and flattened and packed by prisoner crews, laborers and contractors, and large trees taken from nearby forested islands are replanted om the courtyard, and a beautiful garden is planted in one corner of the courtyard. A fountain is replaced, using previous piping and drains from a fountain that was previously there, and the stocks that took its place years ago are dismantled. Pjotr the Guide, formerly imprisoned as a thief, is put back to work (rather generously) for the Jarldom.

Card, the young boy previously working in the cellar has aged into a handsome but very young man, and has taken his oaths as a squire. Another boy, ironically named Card also, has taken his job as cellar boy. A raven and owl roost and messenger service has been permitted to do business for the Jarldom, and Hasmuth expanded his forge for public use. A traveling merchant has set up, selling all kinds of unique and simple wares in the Courtyard near the fountain.

The interior of the Keep is redecorated by the Jarl's daughter, Lady Oilanna, with additional redecorating being done in the Noway Inn, reflecting the increased wealth of the Jarldom. Reflected as well is the preparations for war, as siege weaponry and defenses are mounted on the ramparts. Small docks are constructed, making it easier for more ships to dock around the island fortress, rather than mooring and rowing in on smaller vessels.

The last part of renovations, which was completed today, was the paving of the courtyard, which was a godsend to every one tired of muddy boots and puddles from the frequent rain.

Just another beautiful day in Fortress Wiltun.

"The world takes and takes, even things that aren't offered. Finally, it gave us something back; I wish he was here to share it with me."

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