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PostPosted: Sun, Oct 11 2015, 5:54 AM 

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The months of turmoil following the end of the Ostland War against Greater Ruathym had finally lessened as the blockades and embargoes lifted and trade and connections to the rest of Faerun resumed. Though starvation and difficulty in planting persisted, and every day, the men of the new Jarldom found hidden prisons where captives were held and sadly perished before held could arrive, the people hold out hope that Jarl Agnar Magnus will be the salvation they prayed for.

However, outside Ostland, rumors spread of evidence being found that insinuates that cannibalism and blood-drinking still run rampant over Ostland, stemming largely from the Grevine and Greve still being missing, somewhere out in the Blood Marsh.

Despite this, a legacy is rekindled as a generation or two later, the Magnus family regains control of Ostland, squarely situated Under the Axe.

"The world takes and takes, even things that aren't offered. Finally, it gave us something back; I wish he was here to share it with me."

PostPosted: Thu, Oct 15 2015, 17:27 PM 

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It was during her time helping the Blacksmith with his trade in Osthavn that the War Knight, Elwyn, overheard talk of rampant cannibalism and blood-drinking across the land. Her reaction was immediate and she put down her forging tools and approached the gossipers, inquiring with them where they had heard these rumours and more importantly, where the Blood Marsh located.

She did not return to the forge after learning what she could, rushing off to Rethgaard shortly afterwards.

Warlord Elwyn Sabel | Necromaster Laura Jarshall

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