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PostPosted: Thu, May 24 2018, 13:07 PM 


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An odd sighting occurred outside Bendir Dale that included a spore clooud, walking mushrooms and some fighting. The local militia, especially those to were involved in the fightings, are now rather determined to remove every mushroom from the vicinity of the village. However, due to the fact that summer is approaching and festivals are due the majority of the local population who didn't see these vicious mushrooms operating are resisting. Claiming that the mushrooms (that are known for being the best filling material and/or key elements of a good filling for every meat) cannot be removed! The local elders seem to be conflicted after the resistance seeing that they also like mushrooms and some part of the militia are also not keen on removing the tasty filling material. Some of the locals begin to hoard up mushrooms for the upcoming "shortage". Clearly, the possibility of the future where no mushroom exists brings the shadow of panic over the hin village.

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PostPosted: Thu, May 24 2018, 16:00 PM 

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After checking out from the Salandrans and going to the Ash Caverns to have a bit of a... painful acidic bath on the vulcanic waters there and then having some sea bath and then a regular bath on an isolate area with a wooden bathtub (That he would melt after the bath) with lots of previously bought Sharessian Shampoo and Soap, Wilfire returns to the Dale to find the huge mess and he tries to calm people down saying the local infestation was been dealt with and that a Druid is already contacting the Forest's Grove and that he would also contact them himself. He says there is no need to destroy all of their local harvest of mushrooms that are used for the local food.

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PostPosted: Mon, May 28 2018, 22:31 PM 

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Arieme, after learning of the mushrooms from Wilfire would go off in the Forests surrounding the dale trying to find a source to the Mushrooms. Thinking that if they were fighting there had to be a faster form of sentience than was normal for normal plant-life and was set in finding the source of this sentience and attempting to establish communication between it and herself. As she was always looking for opportunities to expand Mother Nature's will and reach among that which was stolen from her.

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