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PostPosted: Wed, Jul 04 2018, 8:16 AM 

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It is not unknown for Cordor to receive many unusual visitors. Dragon disciples that look more reptilian than their native race. Tieflings with tails and horns. Aasimars with huge feathered wings. Perhaps people were used to such things. Even so, a new trio had gained some attention.

Three people, two men and one woman, had become frequent visitors to the city. Laden in some of the finest looking gold coloured armour and wielding some of the finest weapons, it appeared as if these people were knights of the most noble kind. And yet, something was off about them.

The leader of the three who had in the last few days become known to some local commoners and traders was Sabrael. He was a stern faced man, seemingly critical of most things around him. Light blond hair ran nearly down to his shoulders, and dark brown eyes laid an imperious gaze on those around him. His armour was a polished spotless gold colour. On it, as on the other two with him, was a symbol embossed into the upper-left chest piece. What looked to be an eye with a key instead of a pupil. To date, no one seemed to know what this represented.

Sabrael and his two mostly silent companions seemed interested in two things: Interviewing local commoners, and buying some of the more rare, less mass-produced, magical items that ended up in the Cordor shops. One thing they seemed to consistently avoid were the many adventurers that visited the city. They didn't seem open to answering questions about their purpose or intentions either.

One person they've been seen to be doing business with from time to time was the well-dressed messenger and information gatherer known as Baristand. The discussions he had with Sabrael always seemed to be moved somewhere private, and Baristand usually looked like he was on a mission when he left.

With little answers, it would seem only time will tell whether these visitors are a welcome sight or another source of troubles on an isle too often in the crosshairs of devious and evil company.


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