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PostPosted: Tue, Sep 11 2018, 2:03 AM 

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In Kohlingen, this evening, a previously close-knit set of knowledge was made public. After a Crystal Dragon made a dramatic if not clumsy entrance to Kohlingen to warn the First Knight about a growing threat in Trollbark Forest on the Sword Coast, the First Knight was forced to play her hand, letting adventurers who had come to the docks to aid know regarding the classified information the Defenders had gathered.

//This thread is pertaining to the three Dragon Bane weapons Solferno, Lauriel and Hollythorn and the plot pertaining. This is mainly for reactions from others regarding it as well as public statements.

"Operating in the border between light and darkness, shadowdancers
are nimble artists of deception. They are mysterious and
unknown, never completely trusted but always inducing wonder
when met"

-Dungeon Master's Guide 3.5e.

PostPosted: Thu, Sep 27 2018, 16:24 PM 

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The First Knight of Kohlingen stood overlooking a scattering of maps on the table before her, each showing a different location. Silent and pensive, her eyes focused on Trollbark Forest. The evil that awaited them there was one they could scarcely comprehend - even those fools who would dare to ally themselves to her could not see the true threat she posed. Illunamaeryx knew now that this enemy would not stand idle on the Mainland. It would come here to the isle, and that made this far more than Kohlingen's problem.

She turned away from the maps and approached her desk. It was time to write a few letters.

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