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Dark Immolation
PostPosted: Thu, Nov 05 2015, 5:41 AM 

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Suggestion: Add a few of the Job System crafting stations as Deluxe Items for the housing system. A short list:

Alchemist's Table
Anvil(Armorsmith and Weaponsmith)
Baker's Oven
Butcher's Slab
Cooking Pot
Inventor's Desk
Researcher's Desk
Smelting Pot
Tailor's Workbench
Writer's Desk


  • Saves players requesting these items as personal placables. To my knowledge it requires a new item to be made each time a player wants one. With them in the housing system, so long as a player has access to housing, they have their own. To a certain extent, it also decreases the need for module changes for new faction bases(provided that what you mainly wanted was job system stuff).
  • Promotes player-run organizations. A few of our in-game establishments, like the Seven Stars Academy, started off in PC housing. Allowing them access to a few of these placables makes it easier to run such things and further legitimizes player-generated efforts and RP.
  • Sense, for lack of a better word. Any PC that can afford Deluxe PC housing could probably afford a writing desk and stationary for their house, or a functioning forge for their place of business. Traveling the next town over looking for a stew pot or what have you does not make much sense.
  • Goldsink incentive. Getting deluxe housing becomes more enticing for groups and players if they can RP functional businesses, faction bases, and so on. Right now, other than the extra furniture, all going deluxe does is net you 2 unique pieces of furniture and being able to change the music, when it decides to play.

  • "PC housing creates exclusive RP." And assumedly, giving people more things to do inside their houses would exacerbate this.

To address the only Con I could come up with, which has been said by a few players in the past, I've seldom found it to be the case. For my main, a great deal of his RP comes from inviting people to his house for seminars and parties. Having a few crafting stations in his house may mean he spends more time there, but it is not as if that time doesn't go towards RP as well. It's a false narrative to say, for instance, if my PC weren't having to travel to reach a few crafting stations, he wouldn't be engaging in RP. More importantly, it's not as if that RP generated from randomly bumping into people on his way to a Writer's Desk is guaranteed or even that worthwhile. At worst, he sees no one, does his work, and then ports back to his house. At best he does see someone and when they ask his business, he has to explain that he doesn't own a single pencil in his entire house. It's presumptive to think that because a PC isn't milling about and possibly RPing with your own that they are somehow not RPing at all. Or worse, that the RP they engage in with their smaller groups is less important than randomly meeting yours for all of 30 seconds. You could still theoretically bump into PCs on your way to gather resources like digging up artifacts and picking fruit, which makes more sense than multi-million PC's waiting in line to use the only functional cooking pot in a major city.

Edit: Forgive me if this was already on a list somewhere. I remember making a topic before, but couldn't find it again after IA re-opened.

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