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PostPosted: Fri, Dec 23 2016, 18:03 PM 

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Upon playing a kobold character and experiencing this area, I've come to the conclusion that it could use some love. I've attached screenshots for clarity with each point!

One way door:
When I first came to the kobold warren, I accidentally went through the transition on this door, then realized I'd have to run all the way around to get back in and finish my shopping. I'd love to see a couple more guards posted here and make it into a regular door.


Tunnel to nowhere:
Just as it says, the tunnel is just a dead end to nothing. I'd suggest to remove it entirely.


Locked 1x1 room:
Unless I'm missing a key or something, this seems like an unnecessary room. If there actually is something locked behind this door, I'd at least suggest changing the door's name. Currently, I think if you examine it, it's "quag door d".

Big hole:
This big hold caught me on my first visit. I had just ran all the way from Kampo's to here, excited to explore a little bit. One click on the ol' big hole and I'm sent on a one-way trip to Amia Frontier! I was a little annoyed, but at least it was good cardio. I'd suggest that there be some sort of warning in the description, at least, about it being a one-way ticket. Otherwise, I'd love to see it be a two-way trip. Bonus points if the frontier side was restricted to kobolds only.


There's a map marker proudly stating that there's a portal here. That map marker is a liar. I'd suggest:

1. removing the marker if there is no portal
2. adding the portal if there's supposed to be a portal
3. adding a ley line for easier porting into the warren


Guard crowding:
These guards clearly have mastered the art of "getting up in your business." They're somewhat of an obstruction to the entryway, so I'd suggest moving them closer to the walls and/or making the entry door larger.


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