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PostPosted: Sat, Nov 17 2018, 23:12 PM 

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Hello Amia!

I think crowd controls are to short to be seriously useful in any meaningful encounters. 4 rounds is usually enough for single enemies, I will admit but I would like to propose some changes.

Fear: The duration of this can stay the same since it is an aoe crowd control spell with some debilitating effects but the debuff feels very insubstantial. A custom debuff of -2 ab, ac, and -5 on all skills would be much nicer.

Hold Person/Hold Monster/Animal: The duration of this should be changed to 1 round/2 caster levels, or perhaps even 1/3 or 1/4. This is a single target crowd control that almost everyone is functionally immune to due to permafreedom on amia, and I think it doesn't serve its function very well even without freedom because you are only taking someone out of the fight for the shortest period of time. For single targets I think the duration needs to be increased.

Dominate Monster: Same as proposed above. These spells are much higher level and are single target spells that don't offer large area crowd control Really ineffectual in large area scenarios.

The Bigby Spells: These spells ignore freedom, so I don't think the base duration should be changed, however I do think instead of getting +1 round for epic spell focus the user should get +1 round per spell focus. Since these spells also require concentration checks it is just harder to justify using them at all in most instances (save for niche pvp tactics) at the cost of your ability to do other things.

The only exception I have on base duration here is Bigby's Grasping Hand. I think the duration should be unnerfed entirely as this spell can be literally removed using a restoration potion and anyone who knows what they're doing can get rid of it with a press of shift+f1.

Confusion: 5 rounds, +1 per spell focus, this spell is honestly not even worth using in its current state even as an AoE because fear serves this purpose more efficiently.

Sleep: Uncap the hit dice if you're going to reduce the duration so much. But I think the duration could just be restored for this one since it has no uses past level 5.

Flesh to Stone: Add +1 round per spell focus, otherwise this one is pretty decent.

I hope these are given consideration. Currently the durations don't generally feel like they serve any function other than to limit their effects to single opponent fights, even the AoE spells. I hope these changes are taken into consideration because I've given them some honest thought and right now crowd control on amia is simply not worth using when you can just cast grease 6 times from timestop.

Gerald Edmund
Discord: Metal Viking Guy #5433

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