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PostPosted: Fri, Mar 27 2015, 20:29 PM 

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A notice appeared on the door to the temple, in Nec'perya. Therewithin, was written in clear purple and the familiar script of Miz'ri, the following...

"It is with great pleasure that I announce the ascendancy of a once crippled spider. In times where other matters have clouded my time devoted to the city, opportunity and persistence rose from the lesser of two spiders as to not let the queen's pearl dim for even a moment, but rather transcend into victory against an impossible foe.

Though many gave their lives, including the late matron G'eld'ardul who picked up the pieces from what was truly broken and Gul'vyll, a servant of which I've known for over a hundred years for the continuance and safety of Nec'perya, it bears mention that red and black emblem more than fulfilled their duty to the Spider Queen and more directly, Nec'perya..

Thus, by my last decree as First Matron, I effectively empower the self-empowered, Chesswae, the inherited power of Lolarox, to become First Matron, and by effect raising Lolarox to the credit which they undoubtably deserve. May their reign be prosperous and true to the will of the Spider Queen!

Lloth tlu malla!


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PostPosted: Fri, Mar 27 2015, 21:15 PM 

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A bit later in the cycle the Ul'ath'tallar could be seen upon her return to the Temple. Pausing the read the notice her head tilts slightly, regarding it as her crimson eyes silently look it over. There is a brief nod of her head and the door opens, the notice left secured upon the door for others to witness.

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PostPosted: Fri, Mar 27 2015, 22:11 PM 

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Oph'ilee would not be slow to take notice, grinning wryly in some pleasure as the message hit home. Not wanting to loiter before the temple, she deposits a sum of coin at the donation bowl and moves on her way to the Vanguard Headquarters to convene with the Zanjur of Power.

PostPosted: Fri, Mar 27 2015, 22:50 PM 

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Chesswae finds the notice when entering the Temple, and stops in her track, spending a few moments to take in the news. She continues about her business and rites inside the temple. Surely with a mind full of thoughts.

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PostPosted: Sun, Mar 29 2015, 16:04 PM 

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The general population all seem to agree that the peace kept by this transition is agreeable to the warring typically seen elsewhere as well as their own past. Whatever their personal thoughts, they do well to hide them in front of the Noble Born and weather the change with the stoic grace expected of them. Beneath the outer facade however, those with loyal ears in the Low Born part of the society or with the ability to observe from the shadows can tell that this transition seems to have a mixed reception.

More outwardly, a few of the lower merchants, seeking to relieve the strain on their own importing, decide to test the new First Matron. A few carts arrive outside the Lolarox compound, appearing as a none-to-subtle bribe. How things continue from there has yet to be seen.

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PostPosted: Tue, Mar 31 2015, 13:56 PM 

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The Scholar, who was curiously absent from the recent events (no doubt up to his own nefarious schemes), seems to take a brief interest in observing the populace amongst the streets during his few cycles of rest.

It seems the more uncomfortable they are to his presence, the more he seems to enjoy observing them in their discussions about recent affairs. Hunters would find it akin to a predator's smug satisfaction in toying with their prey, only in this instance the hunter is an aristocrat in demeanour... and gossip, its prey.

One can only imagine what he is thinking behind that mask of his before he is drawn off to his own schemes once more.


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