The Musings.
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Author:  WrathOfTheNorth [ Thu, May 14 2015, 0:25 AM ]
Post subject:  The Musings.


Reborn anew, An Illithid that bears the elven physique yet walks in such an unnatural way around the slave cages in the bottom part of L'Obsul, With a blue hue, Insulting that of the host it would seem doesnt seem to combine with the garb of what seems to be slaves bones crafted to fit perfectly around it.

Seen to be in quiet engagement with the thrallherd, The illithid with an odd garb, Seeming ready to progress with martial battle looks to one of the slaves that is past his "Sell by", The poor man's legs broken and with hands that are worked to the bone and maimed for lack of productivity.

The new arrival seems to be showing some form of restrain and frustration only very slightly and what the reason is none can tell.

Raising two covered long fingers, The Illithid strikes both fingers into the eyes of the poor human, The screaming could be heard as well as a sickening twist as the Illithid performs its work and understanding, Tilting its head, The tentacles wavering left and right, Increasing as it goes.. The sound of intense and precise punching could be heard, Silencing the screams.

Something sinister has begun and the poor human was the first, And by all means certainly not the last in line to the casualties of the enigmatic race.

// Also, Any PC's who may see or interact in L'Obsul is more than welcome to post here!

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