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PostPosted: Fri, Aug 21 2015, 5:35 AM 


Joined: 14 Aug 2015

Delivered in person by Selds'fryn to the Guard in Nec'perya, as well as posted on a board near the Chain operator near House Zau'ana.

Vin'ult ulu l'C'rintrin d'Nec'perya,

Falduna ulu Ul'ath'tallar d'l'Yath d'Lolth.

Ussta Ilharess, Iym'iir, d'Qu'ellar Torviir, d'T'lindhet, kus vendui'dal Ilta bian'yui qu'za wund L'Obsul.

Il lac'na contri wund l'che'el d'Nec'preya, xuil contri ulu l'obsul'e lu'jal conamorie nindel Il zhah trok'hr d''zil natha Sil'in.

Wun belbol ulu l'Yath, Il belbaue draa Velven d'Linath, velven du'ased d'l'og'elend Eilistraee, whol l'Yath ulu xun xuil 'zil nind daewl.

Il kyor'le ulu thalra xuil l'Ust Ilharess d'Nec'Perya lu'l'Ul'ath'tallar, lu'tu'ph'alissus ulu thalra a l'bian'yui delmah d'Qu'ellar Torviir wund L'Obsul. Cahallin lu'drital orn tlu yewlus.

Lolth Tlu Malla!

Hail to the Nobles of Nec'perya,

Praise to the High Priestess of the Temple of Lolth.

My Matron, Iym'iir, of House Torviir, of T'lindhet, formally sends greetings from Her temporary abode within L'Obsul.

She seeks access into the city of Nec'perya, with access to the portal and all comforts that She is due of as a Noble.

In gift to the Temple, She gives two Blades of Song, blades blessed of the heretic Eilistraee, for the Temple to do with as they wish.

She waits to meet with the First Matron of Nec'Perya and the High Priestess, and both are invited to meet at the brief home of House Torviir within L'Obsul. Food and drink will be provided.

Lolth be honoured!

[Stamped with the wax seal of House Torviir]

Mahtan Tasadur
PostPosted: Thu, Sep 03 2015, 3:41 AM 

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Seeing the letter, the Sut'rinos and Ust'Illharn of Ussen d'Vhid heads to L'Obsul in hopes to meet with the familiar faces to properly set up the meetings with the Ust'Illharess and Yathrin.


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