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PostPosted: Wed, Sep 09 2015, 7:34 AM 


Joined: 03 Sep 2015

After coming in disagreement with the matron of Toviir several times over trivial things, Vilith felt his life was going to be more fulfilling if he attended his own business. While He had some good times with the Toviir house as powerfull as they were, Vilith just didnt feel confortable anymore. Having traveled far and wide in the world after the fall of Ched nassad , he had become a bit too independant. This last trait of personnality being in direct confrontation with the whole hierarchy of Nec, he decided to sign a letter of resignation and have it sent to the Yathrin, with a parting gift attached to it. The package itself is delivered by a bugbear to the house Quellar.

The letter itself is made from a surface tree scorn and is trully soft to the touch. The ink used to scribe is glowing in between gold and purple.

It reads,


Me Vilith,wizard ,traveler and slaver of profession, decided that I had accomplished my end of the bargain by trying to help you as much as I could. But while I am a efficient wizard, I came to the conclusion that the work wich you had brought me into your house for cannot be done, or at least , not by me. Hence it is with upmost respect for your grandeur that I Vilith resign from the position you had such elegantly granted me a few tendays ago. To try and make up for the loss, if you count me leaving as one, I attached a parting gift, an item of great value that can be added to your growing collecion of magical items (The book of transmutation). I suggest you take out any frustration on the bugbear, hopefully it will enlighten your day.

Sincerely yours,


*Vilith takes his belongings and head out of the city, back to his old hideout in the underdark, a place he know well now. He has this new plan he has in place to not be recognised by his old masters. Being a master of transmutation has its avantages afterall.

He makes one of his half smiles bing halfway sad to have to resort to these measures, but he value his life more then the rest, he had decided.

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