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PostPosted: Thu, Mar 24 2016, 23:20 PM 

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A single notice would be left in both L'obsul (written in the undercommon tongue) and Nec'perya (in drow!)

I present an invitation to the arcane minds of the Underdark and an opportunity to those of you who desire to expand the knowledge we possess in the Underdark. I propose we gather and put our minds to the creation of spells new and lost to us, over the ages.

For those that desire things that should be within our grasp, then state your intent and we shall discover what should be ours.

Rilune Teken'tlar

// This is to arrange something for putting research towards learning the new custom spells that are being made available for all, for any who is interested, like those smelly surfacers are doing! Long as you're an Underdarky, then you'll be assuredly welcome - and shall be held somewhere where none hopefully are banned from!

Signature by Maryn! <3 I am also seen as DM Snuffles.

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