[IC] Offer of Apprenticeship
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Author:  Genar_Detkasa [ Sat, Sep 24 2016, 4:19 AM ]
Post subject:  [IC] Offer of Apprenticeship

Notices are tacked up on boards in L'Obsul and Thraan'dariv.

Offer of Apprenticeship

To the budding arcanists who wish to join the Sorcere; I am offering sponsorship for any interested as my apprentice.

The requirements are simple: You must mostly be sane, a learned arcanist or wizard, that you are eligible to join the Sorcere (meaning you are of drow or dragon blood) and that you must sufficient motivation to master the Art.

Interested participants are to leave messages with Secretary Walschud at the market in Thraan'dariv.

Ul'faeruk of the Sorcere

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