[IC] Citizen's Consulate of Thran'daariv
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Author:  #StraightOutaAvernus [ Sat, Oct 01 2016, 9:12 AM ]
Post subject:  [IC] Citizen's Consulate of Thran'daariv

As defined in section C.1.A of the city Law; The Citizen's Consulate is designed as an advisory body representing the interests of the City as a whole -- by making a show for its people, and prominent organizations.

The Consulate shall consist of one representative to every thirty people within the state which are elected by the commonwealth; but it will also consist of government officials, appointed representatives of major trade groups defined in earlier statutes of the laws, as well as an appointed/elected non-matronial representative of any Noble House which is deemed legal within the city's boundaries.

All elected representatives will serve a single year's tenure unless impeached.

The Consulate has certain powers indebted to it by the City's law procedure, may be asked to come to a summit at will by the Valsharess or High Imperator, and will also have scheduled monthly meetings. As an advisory body of the citizens' interests, it naturally advises the Valsharess' decisions.

      The Current Members of the Consulate Are:
        ~ Unappointed -- Commonwealth Rep., To be elected
        ~ Unappointed -- Commonwealth Rep., To be elected
        ~ Unappointed -- Commonwealth Rep., To be elected
        ~ Unappointed -- Commonwealth Rep., To be elected
        ~ Unappointed -- Commonwealth Rep., To be elected
        ~ Unappointed -- Commonwealth Rep., To be elected
        ~ Selena V'nami -- State Treasurer
        ~ Kelia Angston -- Representing the Vargach'dekza
        ~ Xarzith -- Representing the Dockworks Administration
        ~ Naltyrr d'Quellar Zau'tar -- representing Zau'tar and the Sorcere
        ~ Unappointed -- Representative of the Yuvarux, TBA
        ~ Unappointed -- Representative of the Slaver's Guild, TBA

Any major recognized House or Trade Group may be represented in the council provided it may be deemed to stand for a significant portion of the city's interests. More in section B.4.A

All Noble Drow Houses seeking to be founded or established here, and thus represented (by their matron or otherwise) on the council and officially recognized, must be approved by the Valsharess. Failure to meet this will result in addition to the E.O.S registry. See law section C.4.A for details.

    Each election is to occur annually, during the Surface's Tenth month; and our Tenth Great Cycle. These will run the entirety of said month. The first line of representatives will be voted in the year of Thran'daariv's establishment.

    Consulate Meetings will occur at the First of every month, starting the day after elections close; and any other time that the Valsharess and High Imperator deem necessary in a state of emergency or urgent need.

    The Imperator or Valsharess (whoever is available) shall act as the mediator in these discussions, and will ensure that meetings are kept organized and spoken in turns.

    Representatives who are elected will be counted higher than those who are appointed and will forever keep their seat. This is to ensure that the changing civilian opinion is reflected in changing consensuses from the Consulate. Their vote in any discussion shall count for 1.5, officials and representatives of Houses/Merchant Orders shall count for 1.0.

    There are no 'higher' ranks of council, however; and the effective Chairman of the Consulate is always the Queen even when the Imperator acts in her stead to moderate meetings -- long be and live her reign.

// All current 'elected' officials are likely going to be NPCs. More may be added as organizations come into place; and anyone who becomes a citizen well known enough, naturally, may well stand to be elected by the commonwealth in any chair representing them! :D

Author:  #StraightOutaAvernus [ Sat, Oct 01 2016, 9:16 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Citizen's Consulate of Thran'daariv

[A parchment, stamped with the Valsharess' seal, makes its way around!]

It is with pleasure that I announce the first elections of the Council Chair of Thran'daariv. Citizens, you are free to vote in anyone; and anyone who is among the citizenry is free to openly stand in campaign for the various open chairs. There are no current trade organizations within the city; however, due to interest in the Slaver's trade from select people, I have formed an open seat for the 'Slaver's Guild' of the city; to speak for the interests of those who trade in them here.

By Decree of the Valsharess, in Her name;



// DM, since we're sorta short on actual PCs to fill the citizenry seats; if the citizenry'd put forth their own reps, throw 'em in!

Author:  Lutra [ Tue, Oct 04 2016, 20:56 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Citizen's Consulate of Thran'daariv

// gonna come up with something here!

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