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PostPosted: Sun, Dec 04 2016, 21:16 PM 

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This amusing collection is posted for the enjoyment of the denizens of the depths by Rith'tar of House Zau'tar.
LibrisMortis_666 wrote:

~ Amian Newspaper~

The Amian Sacrilegious Sentinel

~Gossip around Amia~

Bendir Dale: Headmaster HoJo of the Magisterium Mortis appears to be banned from Bendir Dale for good. It would seem the tiny foot of Rosary Ryker, or the "Mayor", has finally acted. Aside from this, Alice and Aedean's engagement is called off due to Alice being unloyal to him. Though, sources claim Alice was the one to call off the engagement.

Ruathym, Wiltun: Lord Avadon is apparently facing charges against the unrightful burning of the Amian Forest without a permit. It would appear, from sources, that Kell Ap' Morgan and Lord Avadon took part in it. However, Kell Ap' Morgan took the blame because Lord Avadon paid him off. Some noble.

West cordor: It would appear from Gerald to Joey, from Joey to Shade.. A new govonor is requested. Would West Cordor see such election? Is the Republic of Cordor going to take over West Cordor?

Kohlingen: It is apparent that Headmaster HoJo has sent a requested a marriage arrangement between Lord Marcus Valis and himself. This would bring the unification between Tarkuul and Kohlingen.


Ruathym, Caraigh: Lord Cory and Lady Rania seem to be having a to-be child! Offer them congratulations, as having children is apparently a big fucking deal. They're probably going to name it something stupid, like Rosary's child.

The Grove, Amia Forest: It would appear that the Grove, and the Arch-Druids, seem to ofer their distaste without a filter against House Zau'tar in the Underdark. There was a large amount of disrespect in Khem, when the wonderful merchant arrived.

~ Other Notes ~

Lovers?: On other notes, Ashe has proclaimed his love for Malandria. And paid a extra penny to offer a personnel shout out to Malandria, his love, his sweetheart.

Endir's Point: It would appear Baroness Brieli Azanovan has provided insight towards the ongoing investigation against Miakoda. She has also been recruiting members to join her Fort. If you're a skilled warrior, please contact her.

Thank you for viewing the third ever Amian Sacrilegious Sentinel newspaper. Each week there will be fresh copies able to be purchased by your local vendor. If there are any complaints, please write a letter and title it to "My ass", then shove it right up there.

~ Anoymous.


2015 Mr. AMIA with the Fabulous Estara ~ 2015 Best Developed SOB Character: Rith'tar

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