[IC] Classroom Activities - School In Session
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Author:  SamTheGiantSlayer [ Thu, Jun 22 2017, 8:37 AM ]
Post subject:  [IC] Classroom Activities - School In Session

Headmaster Hel'Vyst and Professor Erebus have announced and subsequently begun a new semester of schooling among the ranks of the Magesterium Mortis. Young adepts of all kinds file in to be determined for aptitude, as well as placement. The ashen magus seems to be slightly out of her element, at first, with eager guardians ebbing and flowing from the classrooms. Eventually, however, pace picks up as the Shadovar soon finds a flow in her work. The children are placed appropriately and spread between several programs, some more advanced than others.

Those which she assigns under her wing are started as soon as possible on their curriculum. Professor Erebus, having barely left young adulthood herself, touts the importance of beginning young, and truly dedicating oneself to the craft should this be their chosen path. Their introductory course revolves around principles of basic arithmetic and geometry; most importantly, the fundamentals of algebra. Only then are they started on their cantrips, and the study thereof. However strict Charybdis may certainly prove to be, she is not a cold and uncaring mistress, as some might expect. Her students are all treated equally, regardless of aptitude or intellectualism. Those who struggle most with the content of the course are watched more-so than the others, and offered surplus material to take home with them in order to catch them up. Tangible experiments are performed on the lecture floor, where students may see a more hands-on approach to the formulaic magic they are absorbing.

Should any of her students require additional aid with their assignments over the course of the week, Professor Erebus establishes office hours and expects her students to adhere to them. Lest they evoke the wrath of a very scorned teacher.

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