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PostPosted: Wed, Sep 30 2015, 8:47 AM 


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From the depths of the Underdark, within Svirfneblin Har'olen, three Drow descend from L'Obsul into the Svirfneblin village, the rattling of chains following them as they walk.

The cries of the village echo throughout the nearby tunnels and the mine of the Svirfneblin, as guards and workers alike fall to the fists and flat-sides of blades.


The few Wizards within the village are mercilessly slaughtered, and any too injured to be of use are put down. The wails of one particular Svirfneblin are noted as being far longer than the others, apparently left to die slowly.


Rumours persist that Illithid attempted to barter for the slaves firstly, yet only the strewn corpses of a few Illithid and their Umber-Hulk slaves remain as testament to the bargain that went on within the village.


In the Drow's retreat through the village, many were left chained up to be left as mindless food for the Illithid Overmind, while a number were carried off and then paraded through L'Obsul.


The slaves were then dragged off by the Ilharn of House Torviir, to be delivered to the slave-pens of the House, for re-education, cleaning and.. training.

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