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PostPosted: Sun, Oct 04 2015, 17:16 PM 

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Notes were pinned on noticeboards in Cordor, Bendir Dale, Winya Ravana as well as the Holy city of Kohlingen. A note was also left in the Grove. They were written in plain common by that of a practiced hand.

Blessed denizens of the island,

A matter of concern has recently arrived to the island that it is imperative you are informed of. An old human traveler was seen in Bendir Dale asking for the aid of adventurers to vanquish rampaging creatures of magma and fire. Unbeknowest to the adventurers, these spawns originated from that of a powerful artifact by the very hand of the old man himself through vile experimentation. After the creatures were vanquished, all that remained was the artifact itself along with the human magus who wished it returned to him.

After the gathering became suspicious of the nature of the powerful artifact, it became known that the artifact itself belongs to the vaults of the Sorceress Queen of Aglarond, and that the artifact itself may have been stolen. The adventurers refused to return it to the irresponsible magus with intent to see it safely returned to Aglarond. The old man then promptly chose to attack and slay several of the adventurers in order to reclaim the artifact and flee. The man's current wherabouts is unknown, but he is highly dangerous along with the artifact he possesses.

The artifact itself is in the shape of a small orb, covered in symbols. Some of the symbols have been identified to be in the form of Auran and speak of binding something, likely to the artifact itself.

If you meet dangerous creatures of magma and flame or this man in question, tread with caution. There is also risk that the missing artifact of the Queen may draw her wrath here.
We must keep the fires away from the delicate forests!

Should you seek more information on the man's appearance and demanor, please speak to Aleana, Meriptah, Therai, our fabled dwarves Whurak and Tagnar or the elf Relanaur of Tethyr.

Councillor of Winya Ravana

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