[IC] Bendir Dale, Forest of Despair, Tarkuul, The Chute ...
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Author:  Pink_Taco [ Wed, Oct 14 2015, 7:48 AM ]
Post subject:  [IC] Bendir Dale, Forest of Despair, Tarkuul, The Chute ...

Across the lands, a frosted message has been scattered and left out of casted ice laid against walls, rocks, grass. At the base of the Idol of Talos, a frigid message has been left. The malarite woods, within and above the Idol of Malar , the forest found littered with encased malarites, not 'all' killed or frozen solid, some merely imbolized by blasts of ice at their feet. Placed on the Idol of Umberlee a note in of paper, frosted over slightly. Across the entrance to the Temple of Auril near Endir's Point, the same message is frgidly laid out across the steps entering the buiding, upon the rock coming into bendir a message blasted freezing the rock around it's sides, the same message, all a call to arms, vague to those who would not know it's meaning, but a clear call to those knowledgeable..

"Rally and Band, Fellow Kin of Fury."

The message short, and would melt after a while, the ice, would melt slow, to give enough time for it to be read, but surely.. would find itself melted and vanish without a trace in due time if left alone.

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