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PostPosted: Mon, Nov 09 2015, 3:53 AM 

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SamTheGiantSlayer wrote:
Beloved Citizens of Cordor,

It is with a heavy heart and hand that I announce the departure of Andrew Fryar, who will be stepping down immediately and permanently from his position in Cordor as both our beloved Speaker and Minister of Public Health and Welfare. I would like to take this moment to remember and honor him for what he did for us as a city, and as a people. The eradication of one of Cordor's most notorious enemies will surely serve as a hearty departure and final justice to his city, and in these final moments I would like to say that we truly did appreciate all he had to offer us during his run in office.

But just as he might say now, with a new day comes a new dawn. As his secretary and successor, I step forth today to encourage our citizens to vote in the upcoming elections. Keep the love of your city close to your hearts, and the buoyant vision of our future in your minds. It is once again time to rise, to choose our next leaders in step; the men and women of this city who will continue to foster growth, prosperity, and wealth. Those who will instill in us the love and devotion we have always felt to our city. Those who will keep us safe and guarded from our foes. Those who will lead our children to, one day, do the very same.

Now is the time to elect change, and I would encourage you all to take time and do so in these coming weeks. Every voice counts, and we are surely listening.

- Secretary Teuivae Fenner


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