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PostPosted: Fri, Jul 22 2016, 18:27 PM 

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A notice set in each place with listings.

For all of your arcane and practical needs. My name is Malachai Kasitka. I situate in L'Obsul, the free-trade city of the Underdark. I often frequent the surface to gather essentials and offer aid to adventurers that desire such.

For this notice I offer the following products;

Arcane Needs:

Practical Needs:
Scroll Holders - 5000gp
Wand Cases - 5000gp
Mythal Tubes - 5000gp
(Purchase two, get the last for free. For example, to buy one Scroll Holder and one Wand Case, you may pick one of those, or the Mythal Tube to get for free.)

I am also advanced in working with the weave in its raw form, that of mythal stone. For my specialties with the craft, the price of which will be determined depending on the work done, the mythals used, and the potency of the enchantment desired.

Terms And Conditions;
-I reserve the right to refuse custom for any reason at my own discretion. However, I will maintain a civil manner as is expected.

-Orders must be placed privately, at the address given below. Meeting locations for deals will always be on neutral ground, and agreed upon by both parties.

-Meetings will be private, one to one, and both parties must respect confidentiality of the deal.

-There will be a one day process period for the orders to be filled, unless the order breaches my ability to do such in a single day. An unlikely circumstance.

-Orders will take a maximum time of Three days to be fulfilled, should they exceed this duration, your order will be finished and completed free of charge.

-I do not offer my own collection of bone wands or blank scrolls for this procedure, that is expected of yourself. However, I will possibly sell and purchase bone wands for this purpose.

Postal Address: Wa'q 2, L'Obsul, Ugulur.
If delivering from the surface, leave the order in my pigeon hole at The Speedy Courier Service, they have a safe and insured instruction on how to get my mail to me.


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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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