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PostPosted: Sat, Nov 12 2016, 1:48 AM 

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Written in Undercommon, Draconic and Drow are a series of notices posted in West Cordor, L'Obsul, Belenoth and Kampo's.

The Sorcere is open for applications!

To those seeking to master the powers of the Arcane, the Sorcere of Thraan’dariv is hereby open to those willing to learn. Situated at the gateway to the lowest and most dangerous regions of the Underdark, it stands as an institute of learning where you do not simply just learn magic in the safety of the lab, no! It is away from civilisation in the most perilous places known to any living thing! Sharpen your arcane teeth here dealing with the real edge of known knowledge and the never-ending mortal peril for true progress does not come unless you are willing to risk it all!

Drow, dragonkin, kobolds, tieflings, duergar, goblins, orcs and other Underdark races are free to apply with the exception of svirfneblin. Persons from barred races such as humans, elves and so forth will be considered on a case by case basis depending on how pleasing your personality is to us. We are also accepting divine casters whose deities align closely with the spheres of knowledge and the arcane, such as Velsharoon, Kiaransalee or Oghma.

If you are reluctant to join the Sorcere because a) you are a snotty loner who thumbs their noses at private clubs and trappings of authority; b) have other allegiances to consider or c) do not want to stigmatise yourself around your surfacer friends by putting your name down then there is an alternative option for you! The Sorcere, always testing the boundaries, is open to collaboration with independent parties and mages assuming their mentalities meshes well with our own.

Come follow the calling of the arcane, know and remember the Sorcere motto!

Power Unto Ourselves!

PS: We are also hiring non-casters as support staff if you are not terribly opposed to the idea of being close to dangerous magic, experiments and awful beings of unfathomable horror
PPS: Leave all expressions of interests with the ferry to Thraan'dariv at L'Obsul, in sealed missives addressed to the Sorcere.

NWN Account Name: KnightProtector

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