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PostPosted: Thu, Nov 17 2016, 20:48 PM 

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Joined: 07 Aug 2006
Location: Temple of Love

A woman of approximately elven height and build, her face obscured by a hood or helm, pins up notices at various places around Cordor, Kohlingen, and Endir's Point in the Frozenfar, as well as at Kampo's Warehouse.

--- For Sale ---

Loremaster's Plate

Lore has it that this suit of armor was produced by the Watchful Ones, a small Sigilian faction dedicated to the observation of all the multiverse's doings and the recording of them. Some even believe that this armor has been touched by Oghma or Boccob, two of the more well-known deities of knowledge.

    AC 8 (Heavy armor)
    Max Dex Bonus +1, 45% ASF, Armor Check Penalty -8
    +4 AC Armor modifier
    +2 Wisdom
    +5 Listen
    +10 Lore
    +5 Spot
    Legend Lore (5) 1x/day
    Bright white light (20 m)

    Asking 100K in coin, or two Greater Mythal crystals

If interested, send a message, care of Dima or Nawiel, to the Temple of Love in Cordor.
[OOC: please send a PM to Xaviera]

~Sharess on AmiaWiki~
Priestess, politician, prostitute
"[They] were moving in on me like Sharessans on a new broad in the bath house" - Tracer Bolt
AmiaWiki mod (mostly inactive)

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