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PostPosted: Mon, Dec 12 2016, 3:01 AM 

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Posted in Kampo's Storehouse, Nes'ek, Cordor (West), Republic of Cordor (Rest), L'Obsul, Tarkuul, and outskirts of Kohlingen.


Apparently the time I provided for you, Kohlingen, wasn't enough. It seems unfair to do anything to harsh, like Wharftown, without knowing is my task completed? I tried to reason with you, Kohlingen. I offered multiple ways for you to satisfy me, and yet I was ignored. You could've absorbed my crimes, and we wouldn't be here. You could've accepted my marriage invitation, Lord Marcus, but you didn't. Might I add, your father would've enjoyed it. Best thing Ulrik ever did was provide heirs for me to fuck with. But I suppose what broke the camels back was Lord Hector. Dirk had to teach you lessons weekly on your behavior, considering this yet another message from beyond the grave.

Here is how things will work for now on. When I say jump, you jump. When I say duck, you duck. When I give you a assignment, you complete said assignment. I provided you seven days, Kohlingen, and you wasted it. What type of owner would I be if I didn't punish my slaves? Wharftown can't guard all day. They must eat. They must sleep. They must have sex with their wives. Once it is appropriate, things will slowly move in motion.

Send Kurchin to Tarkuul and all is forgiven.

Seven days-.
Six days-.
Five days-.

- HoJo."

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Auri: Champion of Bahamut

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